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13th of November (untitled)

I'm posting here on the old page, because our new site isn't totally up yet. We have a new tracker which seems to need some tweaking, but you should be able to get the torrent file here. Tonight's new release features 4 new domestic album releases, including Civilaztion IV Official Soundtrack and Kameo Elements of Power Original Soundtrack...plus more!

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 13 November


comment #1

THis link DONT GIVE YOU CIVILIZATION IV soundtrack ! ! ! ! ! ! ..... please correct ......

comment posted by Not civilization on 26 November

comment #2

Torrent is of luigi's mansion actually.

comment posted by Wirbelwind on 29 November

comment #3

Appears you're both right will fix when I get home.

comment posted by mmartinx on 30 November

comment #4

Can someone please reseed this?


comment posted by CptOfGondor on 16 December

comment #5

Can someone please seed this please.
Thank you.

comment posted by Janus on 16 December

comment #6

Yes please reseed! Im only 20 MB away from having the Kameo album and it's such an good album!

comment posted by Moumentai on 25 February

comment #7

I am seeding it now.

comment posted by Godai on 25 February

comment #8

Can anyone seed please? Thanks in advance

comment posted by Flamigo on 03 July

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