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sup all buds

Welcome to the new and and improved #gamemp3s. Thanks to Brant for setting everything up. We (Brant) will be implementing a few more things over the next few days. So sign up and start playing with stuff and let us know if anything breaks.

posted by mmartinx on 23 November


comment #1

Thanks for all your great music releases! Keep up the good work. I especially liked the Hitman 1+2 OSTs. Perhaps if you have the time, you could release the Hitman Contracts OST too? Have a nice morning/day/evening/night.

comment posted by llamer on 24 November

comment #2

OK, so I just saw you already have released the Hitman Contracts OST. Sorry. Perhaps someone else could upload it to demonoid, thepiratebay, mongo56.org or something?

comment posted by llamer on 24 November

comment #3

Nice update! #gamemp3s looks great as of yet!

comment posted by Issen on 24 November

comment #4

llamer, the best places to get our old releases are on our IRC channel, by using one of our FTP mirrors, or checking out the Gamingforce Forums.

comment posted by Godai on 26 November

comment #5

Thanks for the info Godai. I've tried the irc channel before, but the ftps are usually down or busy.

comment posted by llamer on 26 November

comment #6

Now here's a question. Why should I register?

comment posted by Boss on 26 November

comment #7

So we can collect your contact info and hand over our database to an online marketing company for money. To buy soundtracks with, of course.

comment posted by mmartinx on 26 November

comment #8


comment posted by Godai on 26 November

comment #9

Sounds like a plan. :D

comment posted by Boss on 27 November

comment #10

Great! gamemp3s

comment posted by Aj on 28 November

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