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Rather than subscribing to two seperate RSS feeds for releases and news, you can now point your RSS aggregator of choice to http://www.gamemp3s.net/feed/ and get any updates as they happen from one feed.

Any posts announcing a new release will also have a .torrent enclosure, as the old "Releases" feed did, so that BitTorrent clients like Azureus (with the RSSFeed plugin) or standalone tools like Buttress will be able to automatically start downloading as soon as we release something new. Take a look here for more BitTorrent+RSS options.

The old RSS feeds (as well as the old website itself) should now be automatically redirecting to the new one, but it would be a good idea to resubscribe to the new feed anyway in case the old website vanishes some time in the future.

posted by Brant on 24 November


comment #1

I always come here for my new soundtracks / MP3s for games!!! you guys do a brilliant job and release them only a week or 2 after their release

Something for Kingdom hearts fans out there!!

Download the new Passion single, by Utada Hikaru. Its released in December 16th, but got it very early!!

Here you go, enjoy!

comment posted by tlionhart on 24 November

comment #2

Hey thanks for the compliments and the link. Rehosted Passion here because filefront sux.

comment posted by mmartinx on 24 November

comment #3

Just wanted to say thanks to all of the staff for releasing all of these awesome soundtracks. I started coming to this site about a year ago and my opinion is that #gamemp3s is one of the best places for VGM enthousiasts to hang out.

I hope you'll be able to release many more stuff and I wish everyone the best. :)

comment posted by Blizzje on 24 November

comment #4

Looking good, though I miss the Albums page a lot. You are going to bring it back right? Release history is only so good, need sfvs and rip preset information! :D

comment posted by Boss on 25 November

comment #5

Probably not. 95% of the stuff we rip is in --alt-preset standard anyway, and SFVs are pretty useless on their own (not to mention they lead to numerous questions like "I can only download this tiny file, how can I get the music???"). The stuff you get from BT or from the fserves on IRC should include the SFVs anyway.

comment posted by Brant on 25 November

comment #6

I'm really love your site because it consist so many rare soundtrack that hard to find. Anyway, i have some problem on one of the torrent file got duplicated which it always point to soundtrack... the mistake one is 11-13-05 because it's similar to the 11-2-05..

comment posted by kai on 25 November

comment #7

Thank you #gamemp3s!

You folks have provided me with sounds I would have never been exposed to otherwise.

Thank you for all your hard work and selfless donation of time. :>

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 25 November

comment #8

Wow, someone misses the quotes? Did Brant put you up to this?

comment posted by mmartinx on 26 November

comment #9

I originally planned to have a quote submission system, but never really got around to it. I suppose there's always bash.org if you really need a fix.

comment posted by Brant on 26 November

comment #10

Just a random question...but what did happen to the "Quotes" section?

comment posted by Issen on 26 November

comment #11

I think Brant figured it wasn't necessary for the move, and I'm forced to agree.

comment posted by Godai on 26 November

comment #12

Yeah, seriously, those were really bad.

comment posted by Godai on 26 November

comment #13

I see, well, thanks for answering my question! I greatly appreciate it!

comment posted by Issen on 26 November

comment #14

Album List is back.

comment posted by mmartinx on 26 November

comment #15


comment posted by Boss on 27 November

comment #16

How can I find the server that's working for the FTP?

comment posted by rubascubas on 10 March

comment #17

Jessica M....

I'm sorry for little off-topic, but I want to ask you about design of this site. Did you make this template yourself or got from any templates website? Looks pretty cool for me :)...

comment posted by Jessica M. on 01 October

comment #18

It's a custom design that lav and myself created some time ago, which I converted to a WordPress template once we moved to gamemp3s.net.

comment posted by Brant on 04 October

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