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26th of November (untitled)

Now hear this, now hear this. I am not a noob.

posted by Godai on 26 November


comment #1


comment posted by Padde on 26 November

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comment posted by cubex on 26 November

comment #3

Well, you still can't turn water to wine.

comment posted by jacky on 26 November

comment #4

Nothing I love more then useless things showing up in my RSS reader.

comment posted by badrad on 26 November

comment #5

Haha maybe we should have a separate news/release feed if Godai is going to editorialize.

comment posted by mmartinx on 26 November

comment #6

Much love for #gamemp3s. Watch out for the Tree Police.

comment posted by Session on 26 November

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comment posted by NightsB on 26 November

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comment posted by Zoolandave on 26 November

comment #9

Listen here you noobi Bitches, I'm watching you, I'm watching all of you!

comment posted by Tree Police Officer Branchie on 26 November

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comment posted by jewbagel on 26 November

comment #11

Ho ho, seems quite a bit has happened in the last week since I've been gone. Nice to see a new website, despite the fact that Godai is a self-proclaimed non-n00b. :D

comment posted by DML on 26 November

comment #12

Prove your non-noobiness by giving me the Castlevania Curse of Darkness OST.

comment posted by dude on 26 November

comment #13

Noob Offender #IDK-50009 Alias Jewbagel was apprehended Saturday, November 26th at 1400hrs for being "noob" in public. Offender has been sentenced to listen to troll complaints for the rest of his life.

comment posted by Tree Police Officer Branchie on 26 November

comment #14

dude: check in next week for some Castlevania goodness.

comment posted by mmartinx on 26 November

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