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13th of December (untitled)

Some new albums, some oldie music. Bomberman The Music, featuring at least 1 track from 38 different "Bomberman" games. BROKEN THUNDER -project Thunder Force VI-, awesome...and Game Sound Legend Series "G.M.O. Christmas Songs", your favorite Christmas tunes in Famicom chiptune form! Oh and yes it's, "jAdgement" on "Thunder Force VI", it's not a mistake on our part.

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 13 December


comment #1

Thank you~~ Godai!!!
I love you~~♡

comment posted by VGM on 13 December

comment #2

Hmm.. Project Thunder Force VI??

comment posted by Jasco on 13 December

comment #3

THANK YOU!!!! Thunder Force is my fav! U Rock! :D

comment posted by aclors on 13 December

comment #4

Thanks Godai :) Really thanks

comment posted by Clicloc on 13 December

comment #5

Holy Crap!!! I've been searching nonstop for Broken Thunder for about 2 to 3 months now, literally!! If it wouldn't get me banned, I'd want to have your children for this.

comment posted by Kei Posiskunk on 14 December

comment #6

Thunder Force VI? Is this from the unreleased Dreamcast game?

comment posted by blah on 14 December

comment #7

I'll send you my seed, Kei. Gimme your 411.

Yes, it's from the unreleased game.

comment posted by Godai on 14 December

comment #8

wow! a soundtrack from a game ive never heard of! I think thats a first.

comment posted by Sirus on 15 December

comment #9

Another soundtrack of thunder force.....Thanks!!!

comment posted by Sorcerian on 15 December

comment #10

OK I'll say it... 'Tis the season! I'm glad #gamemp3s released G.M.O. Christmas Songs and even more proud Scitron (formerly G.M.O./Alfa) decided to reprint this gem.

comment posted by Nicholas Koji Fox on 15 December

comment #11

The Thunder Force 6 soundtrack is pretty sweet... any chance you guys might get a copy of Lost Technology (the TF5 remix album)?

comment posted by FortNinety on 15 December

comment #12

Broken Thunder is awesome!! Thank you very much, #gamemp3s...

comment posted by ranny on 16 December

comment #13

FortNinety: I've been thinking about picking that Lost Technology album up, but there have been and still are so many new albums coming out in the last and next few months. I have over 10 album pre-ordered for Dec., Jan. and Feb. alone.

If there ever is a letdown in soundtrack releases, I'll definitely try to pick it up. Glad you like Broken Thunder, though. It is awesome!

comment posted by bishop743 on 16 December

comment #14

WOWZERS! I love the Bomberman album, especially because half of it is the same 2 songs XD! But seriously awesome album. And the Thunder Force album is rockin' too.

comment posted by AstaL on 16 December

comment #15

Would it be possible for you to do a release of the music from Baldur's Gate II The Shadows of Amn?

comment posted by llamer on 23 December

comment #16

We can only release what people have and decide to contribute to us. As of yet, nobody has contributed BGII TSoA.

comment posted by Godai on 30 December

comment #17

I'll contribute Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn - how do I get it to you guys?


comment posted by defiant2nx on 02 January

comment #18

Come by the channel and we'll chat.

comment posted by Godai on 12 January

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