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27th of December (untitled)

Hope everyone had a good holiday. Just wanted to say that PHP mail has been turned back on. When you register now an email containing your new password should be sent instantly to you. If you have registered and still not received your password you can still send an email to webmaster (at) gamemp3s (dot) net to resolve this. Expect new updates to resume shortly as well.

posted by Msia on 27 December


comment #1

Awesome! I'm looking forward to the post/mid-holiday updates. WordPress has a nice system, very bauhaus.

comment posted by Klondike on 28 December

comment #2

What exactly does it give to have a user here? ;)

Except u don't have to type in stuff when u leave a comment :P

comment posted by Elrinth on 29 December

comment #3

:o Like farkin awesome.

comment posted by rwyweryw on 29 December

comment #4

like totally..

comment posted by rwyweryw on 30 December

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