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31st of December (untitled)

Another new release tonight...Katamari Original Soundtrack Damacy and Metal Gear Ac!d & Ac!d² Original Soundtrack! The "Katamari Damacy" album has a weird name, blame the Japanese...anyway, it has songs from the PSP game "Boku no Watashi no Katamari Damacy" plus others it seems...also, it has a song from "Tales of Eternia Online" as well as a "Splatterhouse" arrange, how cool is that. I just realized both of these albums are from PSP games, so call it the PSP release. Enjoy!

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 31 December


comment #1

Cool release!

comment posted by ranny on 31 December

comment #2

Thanks for the last release of 2005!
Hope that 2006 will also have so much of good release.
Happy new year!

comment posted by dummies.for.pc on 31 December

comment #3

Is the torrent file corrupted? I can't seem to load the torrent file. In ABC it says Invalid something. In the Original BT client, it says that some of the file names are corrupted.

comment posted by KLJS on 31 December

comment #4

Awesome release once again, I'm happy to see those PSP soundtracks getting released. I wish everyone the best for 2006, and I hope you guys will continue bringing us the best osts available :)

Thanks again.

comment posted by Blizzje on 31 December

comment #5

I want my updates in the form of GOSPEL MUSIC like you promised on April 1st! This is unacceptable! :D

comment posted by N-K.FOX on 31 December

comment #6

#gamemp3s HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

comment posted by b0t on 31 December

comment #7

KLJS, it might have to do with the use of ² in some of the file names. Some BT clients don't seem to like that. Try BitComet maybe.

comment posted by Godai on 31 December

comment #8

uTorrent works fine as well.

comment posted by Brant on 01 January

comment #9

Katamari PSP's soundtrack's second disc is oddly all orchestral. And why the other game music arranges? Just like the series, it's weird!

comment posted by Nicholas J. Fox on 01 January

comment #10

The composer cast of Metal Gear Ac!d does a real nice job at simulating the style of music that Hibino brings to the main series. It’s definitely a worthy addition to the world of Metal Gear music. As for Katamari, after absolutely loving the soundtrack for the first game and being a bit disappointed by the OST for We Love Katamari, this soundtrack does a nice job at bouncing back. "Katmari on the Funk" is a great track.

comment posted by bishop743 on 01 January

comment #11

Stweet release! I love both soundtracks.

comment posted by jelbo on 04 January

comment #12

does anyone have a link to a front cover for the MGA OSTs?

comment posted by nando on 04 January

comment #13

"Katamari on the Funk" is a remix of Pulse Phaze from the Ridge Racers OST.

comment posted by Morphballer on 07 January

comment #14

Which track is the Splatterhouse arrangement? I can't tell.

comment posted by Justin on 11 January

comment #15

Justin, Check the NFO file's tracklist and all will become clear. :)

comment posted by Godai on 12 January

comment #16

im desperately after this Katamari soundtrack, and stuck behind a firewall and cannot connect to anything :-(

comment posted by bongo on 27 February

comment #17

Visit the channel, and maybe we can help you out.

comment posted by Godai on 27 February

comment #18

Can anyone seed for metal gear? Thanks in advance

comment posted by Flamigo on 06 July

comment #19

I need a seeder for metal gear acid.I'm stuck at 93.2%Anyone please

comment posted by Jedi on 26 July

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