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31st of December (untitled)

You guys thought that yesterday's release was the last of the year...but wait! AKASHI - Norihiko Hibino and DIGITAL DEVIL SAGA ~Avatar Tuner~ 1 & 2 Original Sound Track: Integral! The first is a solo album by the famed "Metal Gear Solid" composer. The second is a more complete set of music from both of the "Avatar Tuner" titles, it's 4 discs! Happy New Year, everyone! Stay tuned for more new releases in the coming days.

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

P.S. - Track 106 on DDS is not a typo.

posted by Godai on 31 December


comment #1

Wow. DDS, I love it! Thank you so much. Happy 2006 everyone!

comment posted by Seraphic Fate on 31 December

comment #2

Ooo... can't wait to hear the MGS composer's personal works, I bet they're fantastic! Thank you muchly!

comment posted by Wrath on 31 December

comment #3

Happy New Year #gamemp3s!!

comment posted by ranny on 01 January

comment #4

Great to have the entire soundtrack, quite an excellent release. Seems like none of the audio compilations include the music you hear from the area selection screen (which was common to both DDS1 and DDS2) for some reason... a shame as it's one of the better BGM's.

comment posted by frobaz on 01 January

comment #5

I hope these Digital Devil Saga 1 tracks were longer than Frontier's release earlier last year! You totally slipped the rug out from under me with "Akashi"... didn't this one slip by most of us in like July?!

comment posted by Nicholas J. Fox on 01 January

comment #6

Thanks :)

comment posted by Clicloc on 01 January

comment #7

mmm dds. I love the piano tracks that we didnt get in the bonus cds.

comment posted by Sirus on 02 January

comment #8

more DDS stuff. The Greatness, oh the Greatness...

comment posted by Kei Posiskunk on 02 January

comment #9

Man, #gmp3s, you really rule.

comment posted by nnn on 02 January

comment #10

Thank you, #gamemp3s.

comment posted by Silent J on 02 January

comment #11

what akashi, anyway? snake eater gaiden?

but since I'm a little MGS fan, that's not a bad thing =)


comment posted by tiku tiku on 12 January

comment #12

wow~ cool!! Thanks sho much!!

comment posted by mito-mito on 14 January

comment #13

Which one of the songs is the DDS End Theme? On the soundtrack it's just listed as #33 End Theme, but here there are different names for everything. Help would really be appreciated, thanks.

comment posted by WindYoshi on 15 January

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