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5th of January (untitled)

Hey there, I have a favor to ask of those of you who appreciate our work. Please vote for this poster, everyday if you can remember. It would be greatly appreciated. :) (Don't forget to submit on the 2nd page!)

posted by Godai on 05 January


comment #1

Of course... no problem :) ...

comment posted by Jake.Z on 05 January

comment #2

It's done...

comment posted by kazeshiru on 05 January

comment #3

it's done also

comment posted by Cladzicff7 on 05 January

comment #4

Done. Though I HAD to enter email and date of birth.

comment posted by Kilu on 05 January

comment #5


comment posted by Plaguefox on 05 January

comment #6

Oops, about the e-mail, heh. Thanks, folks.

comment posted by Godai on 05 January

comment #7

So that's why folks have spam specific Junk E-mail addy's : >

The poster looks nice. Vote in.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 05 January

comment #8


comment posted by Sorcerian on 05 January

comment #9

I voted for my own.. if that's okay..

comment posted by Jasco on 06 January

comment #10

Done. Will do it tomorrow too.

comment posted by SpellEmperor on 06 January

comment #11

I think the previous votes didn't count, as voting started today...lame. So vote again if you have already, and keep voting!

comment posted by Godai on 07 January

comment #12


comment posted by KyoSquall on 07 January

comment #13

Voted!! :)

comment posted by ranny on 07 January

comment #14

dont like that poster very much but w/e.

comment posted by Sirus on 08 January

comment #15

I voted, and I hope you guys win, it's an awesome poster!...does this mean if you do win, your poster will be used all over the world?? O.o

comment posted by animegoth666 on 09 January

comment #16

No problemo :)

comment posted by Kopacha on 09 January

comment #17

I don't like it very much either. =p Text is nice I guess. hehe

comment posted by Iadien on 10 January

comment #18

I've voted these past few days. Hope you win.

comment posted by Blizzje on 10 January

comment #19


Hold on, Godai you made that poster? :D

comment posted by voxie on 11 January

comment #20

Actually, my fiancee made it, heh.

comment posted by Godai on 11 January

comment #21

I hope she's hott

comment posted by rwyweryw on 11 January

comment #22

Well, it's pretty good anyhoo. Good luck on winning :)

comment posted by voxie on 11 January

comment #23

I personally can't wait for the movie. I will continue to vote for the poster. EEEEEE! SILENT HILL!!!! ::squeel of DOOM::

comment posted by Raquel on 13 January

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