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17th of January (untitled)

It's new release time! This time we have a selection of older titles, one of them being quite rare. They are...Cyber Org Original Soundtrack, Minibosses Brass LP, Salamander 2 Original Game Soundtrack, Soul Blader and The War of Genesis III PART1 + PART2 Original Sound Track! Whew. The rare one I speak of is, of course, "Soul Blader", the old Enix SNES RPG also known as, "Soul Blazer". This is an excellent selection of albums, I would recommend them all. If you have a specific question about one, leave a comment and I'll try and post some thoughts. But yeah, enjoy it all!

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 17 January


comment #1

Very nice release. Especially that Soul Blader should be good, really should play it through sometime. And War of Genesis should be good, didn't the composer(s) do MagnaCarta too?

Also people, be sure to download Cyber Org and Salamander 2, they just rock.

Can't say much about that Minibosses LP, their first album wasn't as good as people said, hopefully this is better.

Also, only 139 releases to 1000 release mark. Hopefully we'll see it this year.

comment posted by Razakin on 17 January

comment #2

Cyber Org--that's a good one. I bought it a few years back simply because its description at CD Japan had something about "hard rock tunes" in it. I never regretted that purchase.

comment posted by VanRaily on 17 January

comment #3

wow awesome release especially cuz ive never heard of any of the games.

comment posted by Sirus on 17 January

comment #4

Cyber Org ftw.

comment posted by layzee on 17 January

comment #5

whoah, five releases in one. Plz marry me

comment posted by zomg on 17 January

comment #6

Minor suggestion: ISO date format sorts naturally on computers... year-month-day.


Please consider it. Also, Soul Blazer! o_O

comment posted by Capt. Jean-Luc Pikachu on 17 January

comment #7

I totally agree with Jean-Luc Pikachu about the ISO date format
2006-01-16 is much easier to read than 1-16-06

comment posted by alucardo on 19 January

comment #8

wow that cyber org ost is awesome dynasty warriors style but better :)

comment posted by Sirus on 20 January

comment #9

Your recommendation has been implemented, thanks.

comment posted by Godai on 20 January

comment #10

I realize I'm a bit late with this, but does anyone else hear a skip in The War of Genesis III PART1 + PART2 Original Sound Track, track 318 Let's Sweep, around 2:23?

comment posted by Kilu on 24 January

comment #11

You are right, there is a pop. I'll let bishop743 know since he ripped it and we'll figure something out.

comment posted by Godai on 24 January

comment #12

Kilu: I was just about to rip the song again and send it to Godai but I realized that the click is on the actual CD. It was not an error that happened during the ripping/encoding process. So, the blame for that error will have to fall on Softmax, I'm afraid. :\ Sorry about that.

comment posted by bishop743 on 24 January

comment #13

Oh well. It's not the end of the world.

comment posted by Kilu on 25 January

comment #14

I've been searching for the war of genesis III ost SOOO LONG!!! I BEG YOU! PLEASE SEED THIS TORRENT!! I will do anything to get this holy piece!!! I swear that I will seed for a while, after I get this OST!!! So onegai!!!

comment posted by Daifung on 20 February

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