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23rd of January (untitled)

Sorry for the downtime over the past 24 hours. Everything should be working fine now and I even updated the Album List page, chea.

posted by Msia on 23 January


comment #1

Wow, you EVEN updated the ALBUM LIST page????? You're my hero!!!

comment posted by Godai on 23 January

comment #2

Well good , and by the way were i can find some of this album
like SEGAROCK vol1/2/live and SEGAAGES SOUND TRACK The Best Plus
and Sega Saturn History ...
Pleas some one can help me . (ff78x@hotmail.com)
and THX for all .

comment posted by ff78x on 23 January

comment #3

Since Kingdom Hearts 2's OST launches on the 25th, and FM5 launched on the 18th, I'd like to suggest these two scores in the next torrent.
Props to y'all.

comment posted by Dude, again on 23 January

comment #4

Don't forget about Rogue Galaxy Premium Arrange! KH2's gonna smell, cus Ishimito stinks at snyth operating. ;)

comment posted by zomg on 24 January

comment #5

I made love to him once

comment posted by zomg on 24 January

comment #6

No, wait, twice.

comment posted by zomg on 24 January

comment #7

We wouldn't forget about any of that, don't worry. :)

comment posted by Godai on 24 January

comment #8

Yeah hopefully the KH2 ost will come :)

after beating this superb game i absolutely must have that OST =D

thanks in advance guys ;-)

comment posted by Dante on 24 January

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