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26th of January (untitled)

We've got a nice couple of releases tonight, Ar tonelico Hymmnos concert Side Blue -Reading the Stars ~Hoshiyomi~- (�A���g�l���R �q�����m�X�R���T?[�g �T�C�h �� ?w?��r?`�z�V���~?x) and Ar tonelico Hymmnos concert Side Crimson -Playing the Moon ~Tsukikanade~- (�A���g�l���R �q�����m�X�R���T?[�g �T�C�h ?g ?w���t?`�c�L�J�i�f?x)! These are two "Ar Tonelico" vocal albums, featuring Haruka Shimotsuki (�����͂邩), Noriko Mitose (�݂Ƃ��̂肱), Akiko Shikata (�u����) and Yuko Ishibashi (?΋��D�q). Amazing albums, don't miss out!

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

Crimson and Blue scans are available here.

posted by Godai on 26 January


comment #1

"Amazing albums" is a gross understatement. The music to Ar Tonelico is utterly beautiful! Thank you so much for providing it!

comment posted by tercad on 27 January

comment #2

Thanks ! I usually don't especially like vocal albums but those one are awesome (the game too).

comment posted by Jimmy Somerville on 31 January

comment #3

I love this stuff. Track 2 off the first album has instantly become one of my favorite VGM vocal tracks ever. Will you be hosting the OST, or is it too early to tell?

comment posted by Tomtom on 04 February

comment #4

The OST was released a little while back and should still be on torrent on the 2006/01/12 release. Check the "Release History" section to see if we've released stuff in the past. :)

comment posted by Godai on 04 February

comment #5

Hi I love those Ar Tonelico albums and castlevania.....

Where Can I buy those great albums......
I don't know Japanese but I have credit cards and I live in the Netherlands.
I like to know a site where I can order these great albums!
Thanxs for the very good releases......

comment posted by Worp3 on 11 February

comment #6

Your best bet is to try, either CDJapan or Play-Asia, seeing as they both provide shopping in english.

comment posted by Godai on 11 February

comment #7

i've been looking for these soundtracks for such a long time..thanks so much for uploading them..
the music is simply beautiful

comment posted by Laevatein on 29 April

comment #8

Sorry but I just sse this one and now I and about 6-7 persons stuck at 68.3%
Can you re-seed this one again please?
Thank you

comment posted by Round Zero on 07 July

comment #9

first time i ran through your site.
your site is very helpful.

comment posted by Morten jess on 18 August

comment #10

Argh.... its dead anyone pls seed...=(
Onegai shimasu >.

comment posted by haw on 18 August

comment #11

Anyone can help reseed these torrent ?
I will continue seed when done , thank you =)

comment posted by Zenox on 06 October

comment #12

Where can I get the torrent for these?
and can I get the scans as well?

comment posted by Death_Dragons on 07 June

comment #13

You will have to try our "#-A" torrent, its on the tracker.

comment posted by Godai on 08 June

comment #14

I got the music but now where can I get the scans?

comment posted by Death_Dragons on 08 June

comment #15

I can't dl the scans or the music now. T_T

comment posted by Li on 09 June

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