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3rd of February (untitled)

We've been getting a lot of emails and comments about our older releases that are not served on our tracker. If you read our FAQ, at this present time, we do not intend to revive old torrents and releases. Unfortunately, we just do not have the bandwidth and space to host an entire catalog of albums right now. We are looking into finding a possible solution that will work for everybody, but for right now the only suggestion that I can offer is to come to our channel and check the ftp mirrors that we have up and running. Even though they are limited, and are usually quite full, most of them are hosting all of our releases. Also, you can make a request at the Audio Request board on Gamingforce Audio and someone generous there might be willing to help you out. Please do not send anymore emails to the webmaster regarding older albums and torrents, thank you.

posted by Msia on 03 February


comment #1

I understand is difficult to revive all old album, FTP is a good thing, but connection is very hard, because enormous people want connect. (sorry for my english :) )

comment posted by Cladzicff7 on 03 February

comment #2

maybe the people who want to get those old ablums are required to pay a little money for the space of server saving the ablums.

Is it a good suggestion? :)

comment posted by dgxdx on 03 February

comment #3

Another solution is to use Direct Connect ++ (vgmcentral.no-ip.com). There you can find every releases and it is not that hard to connect.

comment posted by Jimmy Somerville on 03 February

comment #4

dgxdx: The thing is we do not want to start charging people just to download older stuff. #gamemp3s does not make any profit whatsoever, it just has not been our philosophy for the past almost seven years now. Everything that goes into buying, ripping, the site, etc. is done at a loss to us. You might also notice that, unlike a lot of other torrent sites out there, we do not have any ads on our site at all. If anyone has any good suggestions for us, please post them here or email the webmaster, thanks..

comment posted by Msia on 03 February

comment #5

Well, you can always add a PayPal donate button and people who are feeling generous and appreciate what you're doing are able to donate some cash, starting at say 1 dollar. Then it's all by choice.

comment posted by Lania on 03 February

comment #6

we could compile a list of people who have albums and wouldnt mind sending them over instant mesesnger. I wouldnt mind sending a few of the albums i have to people over instant messenger personally as long as it doesnt become a regular thing.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 03 February

comment #7

comment posted by DragonmasterX on 05 February

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