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More Friends of Cerberus

A Square Enix two-punch tonight, DIRGE of CERBERUS -FINAL FANTASY VII- Original Soundtrack and More Friends music from FINAL FANTASY ~Final Fantasy Orchestra Concert in Los Angeles 2005~!

Music by Masashi Hamauzu on "DoC" and The Black Mages, RIKKI and Emiko Shiratori appear on "More Friends", also features a rendition of the opera scene from FFVI! Enjoy.

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

Scans for "DoC" are available here.

posted by Godai on 15 February


comment #1

Great release. A little question, for you guys. Why don't you include the scans in the torrent itself instead of linking to them?

comment posted by Apostle on 16 February

comment #2

Dear God! I have been looking for a copy of the LA Dear friends ever since I went to it. Thank you SO MUCH for this.

comment posted by badrad on 16 February

comment #3

We can't ask for scans from everyone who provides an album. If we did, our catalog would be severely limited. As such, we've kept scans out of our official releases to maintain integrity.

So in other words, if it were possible that every single release we do could have scans bundled with them, then that's how we would provide them to you in our official releases. That is not the case though, and so we are providing this service to you when we can, in this manner.

comment posted by Godai on 16 February

comment #4

Ah, this isn't the very first Dear Friends from 5.10.2004. I am still stoked, but does anyone know if their is a recording of the 5/10/2004 Dear Friends?

comment posted by badrad on 16 February

comment #5

Nah, there was never a recording of the first one. I was there too, guess we'll just have the memories...

comment posted by Godai on 16 February

comment #6

Alright, thanks for the (sad) confirmation Godai.

comment posted by badrad on 16 February

comment #7

Thanks for the albums Godai, I am so excited to hear the DOC sound track! and also play the game to, but this will sure keep me entertined till then ^_^ x

comment posted by animegoth666 on 16 February

comment #8

Godai, thanks for posting this. This rocks... New VG music is always exciting... new FF music is always DA BOMB. Can't wait to listen to DoC - I'm not familiar with Masashi Hamauzu that much, but I'm sure DoC calls for a slightly different approach than your typical FF score.

More Friends is also gonna rock. I mean, how can I beat a live acoustic recording of the FFVI opera?! Schweeeeeeeet.

Anyone know what else Masashi Hamauzu has done? Did he contribute to the FFXI Online soundtracks?

comment posted by defiant2nx on 16 February

comment #9

To Godai:


All info about the main composer of DoC.

Thank you Gamemp3s,net for being the best soundtrack sharer there is, thank you for your effort, I enjoy it alot!

DoC is a great game with a great score!

comment posted by Amano on 16 February

comment #10

That wasnt to Godai but to defiant2nx lol.

comment posted by Amano on 16 February

comment #11

Having a bit of trouble with this torrent, witch has never happened before when downloading from this site. It seems to have failed, and when a torrent fails I have put it as "queue" and it's been like this for quite awhile now O.o just wondering if anyone else is having the same trouble or it's just me =D

comment posted by animegoth666 on 16 February

comment #12

This release rocks! Thanks a lot!

comment posted by lsl7994 on 16 February

comment #13

Hamauzu has done SaGa Frontier II OST, tracks to Final Fantasy X, Unlimited : SaGa and few others.

comment posted by Razakin on 16 February

comment #14

Awesome release guys, thanks so much. :)

comment posted by Blizzje on 16 February

comment #15

Masashi Hamauzu = most underrated composer ever. ^_^ great stuff on the whole though..

comment posted by Keisatsu on 16 February

comment #16

Question: In the Kingdom Hearts II OST what are the track names for the Steamboat Willie, PotC, and Tron stages?

comment posted by morphballer on 16 February

comment #17

Love Tina's theme orchestrated. Love you guys =^D Thanks

comment posted by bluefish on 16 February

comment #18


I was comparing with the dialogue transcribed there... I think they changed the words somewhat for the opera song.

comment posted by DragonmasterX on 16 February

comment #19

there is only one word to say, awesome~!

comment posted by dgxdx on 17 February

comment #20

Yeah, great release, thanks a lot ;)

comment posted by Hellcat on 17 February

comment #21

I need some help please Godai, the torrents I am downloading from this site are failing, and are not working, why is this? o.o

comment posted by animegoth666 on 17 February

comment #22

I'd rather have a concert CD from Chicago. Sup Godai?

God, front row seats from that concert. That was such a treat.

comment posted by Sir VG on 17 February

comment #23

Sup Sir VG.

animegoth666, you'll probably have to be more specific, nobody else seems to be having a problem. Maybe drop by our channel and we can talk some more.

comment posted by Godai on 17 February

comment #24

Godai, sorry for all the confusion, but I figured it out, it wasn't reconising where the files were located, as I was naming the file to put them in before I downloaded them, so I decided not to make a new file, just downloaded it as it is, and now it works fine! ( this has never happened before tho, so I don't know why it did what it did =D ) Sorry for the trouble *hugs* x ^_^

comment posted by animegoth666 on 17 February

comment #25

Great upload...Thanks alot!

I'm a bit sad the orchestrated version of "You are not alone!" that was played in Dallas (and probably everywhere else besides LA) didn't get put on the CD. Does anyone happen to know if there are any recordings of it (official or bootleg...I don't care)?

comment posted by beallpatrick on 17 February

comment #26

beallpatrick: Yeah it is a shame that was not included. I went to the Atlanta show last year and that was easily the best song they played all night.

comment posted by Msia on 17 February

comment #27

Thanks #gamemp3s! The score to DoC is truly magnificent! Hamauzu Sama has done it again..this time with a flair of action movie scoring...hehe

comment posted by Ovelia on 18 February

comment #28

Is there a video of the concert?

comment posted by morphballer on 19 February

comment #29

No official video, unless someone bootlegged it. :)

comment posted by Godai on 19 February

comment #30

Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for uploading the More Friends CD - brings back memories of that concert. I don't know why Japan got first dibs on this CD, since it was recorded in Los Angeles! Well, I have it now, and can relive that concert thru memory. Too bad there isn't the commentary between each song. That would make the CD really long, but I wouldn't care!

comment posted by SakuraPurinsesu on 08 March

comment #31


comment posted by Alcahest on 17 March

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