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Naoki Maeda-produced all-girl singing group featured on Konami bemani titles, "BeForU" are back with their 2nd album, BeForU / BeForU II.

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 22 February


comment #1

Aww, no comments for BeForU... I'll be the first since I love bemani!

comment posted by JumboMaverick on 26 February

comment #2

Word, looking to release some new bemani rips soon.

comment posted by Godai on 27 February

comment #3

Seeds please xD

comment posted by juicyjuice on 24 May

comment #4

Wow. Need more seeds! I've gotten up to 33% until the last seed went away. :(

comment posted by Reina*T on 04 July

comment #5

can someone reseed it please?

comment posted by witekikari on 27 July

comment #6

Could any1 reseed this again please please please? :(

comment posted by Axis on 31 August

comment #7

Yes, seeds!!! More seedings please!

comment posted by zeepish on 11 September

comment #8

Yes someone please seed this I really want toi hear this badly.

comment posted by Sasuke Uchiha on 28 November

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