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Shadow the MediEvil Vocal Trax

The ball keeps on rolling with, LOST AND FOUND ~ Shadow the Hedgehog Vocal Trax and MediEvil: Resurrection Original Soundtrack!

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 24 February


comment #1

Really thanks :)

comment posted by Clicloc on 24 February

comment #2

This is some awesome stuff! Simply love the Prague Philharmonic & Chorus from MediEvil: Resurrection soundtrack and the rock'n music from the Shadow the Hedgehog vocal trax. Thanks for another awesome release!

comment posted by DarnCrazy on 24 February

comment #3

nice 1

comment posted by dgxdx on 25 February

comment #4

The sound tracks rock Godai, have to say the medievil ost reminds me of FF AC meets Harry on a good day ..meets lotr =D thanks for them both ^_^

comment posted by animegoth666 on 26 February

comment #5

Shadow is nice! Thanks a lot! ;)

comment posted by aclors on 26 February

comment #6

The Vocal Soundtrack is great but when's the game soundtrack going to be here? I've been waiting for the release of it here. I hope it comes out soon

comment posted by soniclover on 01 March

comment #7

Check back tomorrow.

comment posted by Godai on 01 March

comment #8

MediEvil is good indeed. Waiting for the next release (Symphonic Poem 'Hope'? hehe, just guessing)

comment posted by Ovelia on 01 March

comment #9

Or Makai Senki Disgaea 2 ? (hehe, just guessing :p)

comment posted by Jimmy Somerville on 02 March

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