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Hope ~Another World~

We are back again with a couple of new albums, Genso Suikoden IV Music Collection ~Another World~ and Symphonic Poem "Hope".

"Another World" is an arrange album based on the "Genso Suikoden IV" world, that includes, "Genso Suikoden IV" and "Rhapsodia" (Suikoden Tactics). Arrangement is by Yuji Yoshino.

"Hope" is an "inspired by" single to the "Final Fantasy XII" title theme by Hitoshi Sakimoto. Music is by Taro Hakase and Yuji Toriyama.

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 03 March


comment #1

Hooray. Long live #gamemp3s! ^^

comment posted by Ovelia on 03 March

comment #2

Thank you!^^ Just one day before my vacation *_*

comment posted by Jowy on 03 March

comment #3

Great orchestrations in "Hope". Don't stop to deliver such good works please. :)

comment posted by Apocalypse on 03 March

comment #4

Haven't heard Hope yet, but I'm listening to the Suikoden album right now and am chillin' with it. For the most hated game in the series it certainly has decent music, if much different from the others. Thanks for the great release!

comment posted by Tomtom on 05 March

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