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Back from Spring Break, I updated the Release History and Album List. Now only if I was this good at catching up on my online lectures ;_;

posted by Msia on 21 March


comment #1

Where do you want your illegal drugs?

comment posted by Godai on 21 March

comment #2

They mean nothing to me without walmartman here, 3/22 nevar forget~

comment posted by Msia on 22 March

comment #3

Probably because no one has ripped it for Gamemp3s. Or it's in the huge backlog and Godai and Co. are lazy to release it.

And Msia, you did have spring break now? Wtf is that.

comment posted by Razakin on 22 March

comment #4

Good job! On a side note, I was wondering why you guys never released RTRZ Physis if you released all the the previous RTRZ albums? -_-'

comment posted by aclors on 22 March

comment #5

Lazy? :(

comment posted by Godai on 22 March

comment #6

hay Godai, do me a favore~

comment posted by Msia on 22 March

comment #7

Godai, you know that I'm joking. :(
You release stuff so fast nowadays that I don't even have the time to listen them.

But you should really just release the backlog in one piece. Just for fun :P

comment posted by Razakin on 24 March

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