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Baten Kaitos II Instigator of Absolutely Long and Verbose Subtitles and Track Names Original Soundtrack

I love Motoi Sakuraba! Yes, it's true. Here is his newest work, a follow up to Monolith Soft's GCN RPG, the soundtrack for "Baten Kaitos II"; BATEN KAITOS II The First Wings and the Heirs of God Original Soundtrack. This one also features a vocal track by Mio Sakuraba who was seen on "Star Ocean 3" and "PSO Ep. I & II Arrange". :)

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

Stay tuned for more new releases tomorrow. :crosses fingers:

posted by Godai on 28 March


comment #1

Thanks. Sakuraba is the hot shit.

comment posted by Kilu on 28 March

comment #2

I was impatient ! Thanks !

comment posted by Sanguinius on 28 March

comment #3

Great release. I really enjoy this soundtrack although I haven't played the game yet. Usually I do not really find most of the soundtracks exceptional if I haven't played the game. Just like with Dynasty Warriors, I stopped listening after the first CD (and shuffling through the others for a few minutes).

comment posted by Der_tolle_Emil on 28 March

comment #4

Thanks :D... I've been waiting for this...

comment posted by Jake.Z on 28 March

comment #5

!!!!! Let me guess, was track 57 in Japanese originally

comment posted by DragonmasterX on 29 March

comment #6

I allready love the game without having played it.
Thanks to the album!:D

comment posted by Lieven on 02 April

comment #7

Gooood...thanks!! :)

comment posted by Clicloc on 03 April

comment #8

Yes, yes, yes!!!!! Finally! Baten Kaitos 2!!! Woohooo, you guys are the bestest EVAR!!!!! XD

comment posted by Lania on 24 April

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