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Singles Night! (aka every night for all of you)

Three singles from new and old games...Ayumi Hamasaki | Startin' / Born To Be..., Poets of the Fall / Late Goodbye and Tsukiko Amano / Koe.

"Startin'" is the theme song to "Shin Onimusha". "Late Goodbye" is the "Max Payne 2" theme song. And, "Koe" is the "Fatal Frame 3" theme song (which is sexy awesome).

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 07 April


comment #1

Ayumi Hamasaki is great. Since the ending theme of Shin Onimusha "Rainy Day" is from her album "(Miss)Understood", I can upload it for y'all in FLAC so that you can make your own encoding of it if you'd like. Just let me know through PM or e-mail and I'll hook y'all up asap.

Just a side note: Is it possible for anyone to upload the Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution evolution soundtrack? I see that it was uploaded here but it was ages ago. I really only want it for the theme of Ingrid "Heat Haze" by Maiko Kubo. I can't find a full version of it anywhere... doods.

comment posted by Yeah Dood 120% on 07 April

comment #2

dang dude i had that single from ayumi but i never knew it was from onimusha. I bet they took that out when they brought it here though as usual.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 08 April

comment #3

Nah, it's in the game. You have to switch the language setting to Japanese, then exit the option screen, then exit the title screen then wait. Kinda dumb huh... dood?

comment posted by Yeah Dood 120% on 08 April

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