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Sega. Sega. Sega.

Tonight we have the latest releases from Wavemaster and Sega Direct, Dynamite Deka vs Wing War Original Soundtrack, Panzer Dragoon Original Soundtrack, and Sega Simulation Best ~Advanced Daisenryaku Original Soundtrack~!

These cover alot of the recent Sega Ages releases, featuring newly remastered music (most notably in the case of "Panzer Dragoon"). The "Dynamite Deka vs Wing War" disc also has a few tracks from random games like "Alienfront" (!) and the PS2 remake of "Altered Beast". Naofumi Hataya (Clockwork Knight, etc.) and BO (Phantasy Star II, Fantasy Zone, etc.) are the stars of the "Sega Simulation Best" disc. Enjoy!

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 21 May


comment #1

that's good,thanks

comment posted by 5158 on 21 May

comment #2

I love Sega and I love you guys.

comment posted by Segaholic2 on 22 May

comment #3

Excellent, excellent release! Will seed!

comment posted by voxie on 22 May

comment #4

Much goodness.
Will seed.
Naofumi Hataya is the freaking man.

comment posted by lostsupper on 22 May

comment #5

Uh, I think Naofumi Hataya is a girl.

comment posted by soniclover on 25 May

comment #6

Nope, he's a guy. :)

comment posted by Godai on 25 May

comment #7

Sorry. My Mistake. >_>

comment posted by soniclover on 25 May

comment #8

hope to find this link soon...

comment posted by myredski on 17 December

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