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But wait, there’s more!

It's not over yet! As we have an influx of new albums, I thought I'd get my other two out of the way tonight, torrent might be slow, so I figured I'd do it before bed. Final Fantasy XI Treasures of Aht Urhgan Original Soundtrack, and Ninety-Nine Nights Original Soundtrack are what we have. "N3" is the Xbox 360 game by Q? Entertainment and Phantagram. Cool music, featuring Pinar Toprak and Takayuki Nakamura.

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 01 June


comment #1

Awesome couple of days for gamemp3s - I'll be sure to download all of the albums uploaded within the past two days =]

comment posted by Muzza on 01 June

comment #2

This is what I was waiting for. Good work Mr. Godai you never cease to amaze.

comment posted by Nikon on 01 June

comment #3

Cheers for another FF release..!

comment posted by ranny on 01 June

comment #4

comment posted by Momo on 01 June

comment #5


comment posted by JR on 01 June

comment #6

Hi! Few great releases after short break ( FF XII- a lot of music, I mean A LOT!) I ve got one question though, is there any chance for Hitman Blood Money OST? Anyway U R doin' great job!

comment posted by Herbaciak on 01 June

comment #7

Oh yeah, and Godai, welcome back! The last couple of days of posts have been absolutely fantastic. Thanks for keeping things going

comment posted by JR on 01 June

comment #8

Thanks for the release. Ninety-Nine Nights has great music. However, I don't remember listening to Dvorak's "Four Seasons"... because it is Antonio Vivaldi who wrote it!

comment posted by Zanasea on 01 June

comment #9

The Okami soundtrack was released this week as well, any chance of getting that too?

comment posted by Zuldane on 01 June

comment #10


comment posted by Greg on 01 June

comment #11

Zanasea, you're right, my bad, sorry it was late at night. :)

comment posted by Godai on 01 June

comment #12

Along with #9, what about Ace Combat Zero?

comment posted by Judge on 02 June

comment #13

>> 10

comment posted by Momo on 02 June

comment #14

Your albums are coming, don't worry.

comment posted by Godai on 02 June

comment #15

Zanasea, an Ookami lossles copy is out already, if you knew where to look... it's godly. I'm one of the few here who looks forward to #gamemp3s releases just for the .nfo file for composer breakdown, while I try to get a lossless copy from Share or whatever if available.

comment posted by Apostle on 03 June

comment #16

um... where's link? i need a link! i need the N3 Soundtrack!!!

comment posted by Kholdstare on 27 November

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