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Shin Onimusha & Granado Espada

And we are back with more, Granado Espada Soundtrack CD and Shin Onimusha Dawn of Dreams Special Pack Original Soundtrack! "Granado Espada" is a Korean MMORPG, that recently came out in Japan at retail, and features music from famous Korean music team, SoundTeMP, also has music from bemani man, Osamu Kubota. It's an awesome soundtrack, so download it. There's a more complete rip of it going around from the open beta, but this particular one has some of my favorites.

The "Special Pack" of "Shin Onimusha" is a more complete soundtrack than our previous release, featuring 3 discs. Awesome music by Hideyuki Fukasawa, definitely check it out!

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 13 June


comment #1

okeeeey lets see whats inside the Special Pack of Shin Onimusha . and THX for all :-)

comment posted by younes on 13 June

comment #2

Onimusha yay!

comment posted by Rei no Otaku on 13 June

comment #3

Cheers guys. Much appreciated.

comment posted by J99 on 13 June

comment #4

Finally we get to listen to all the awesome Shin Oni music. Thanks to bishop743 for picking this up.

comment posted by phoenix on 13 June

comment #5

Awesome, I love Onimusha and I'm totally in love with soundTeMP. In fact, I'm listening to the RO soundtrack right now. :3

Awesome release~ Thanks~

comment posted by Rein on 13 June

comment #6

Awesome, I've been waiting for the full Shin Oni OST. Thanks a lot! You rock!

comment posted by MugenNoKaze on 13 June

comment #7

SoundTeMP's older work on Ragnarok Online was awesome (their newer music in it was pretty mediocre, though). I hope the Granado Espada OST will be as good as their older work.

comment posted by 573 on 14 June

comment #8

3 discs of Onimusha! WOOHOO! Thanks!

comment posted by Herbaciak on 14 June

comment #9

I'll grab this while I'm waiting for my copy to arrive... Thanks again!!

comment posted by ranny on 14 June

comment #10

Wow. I'm totally convinced that this S.F.A guy from Granado Espada is really Shoji Meguro in disguise.

comment posted by Judge on 14 June

comment #11

I am listening to the Granado OST......
number 12 "Temtation" cames right of a castlevania OST!!!!.
Can you ordewr this CD also by JapanCD?????
Great OST I love it!!!!

comment posted by Worp3music on 15 June

comment #12

No, you can't order this one in stores, it's only available with the Premium Package of the Japanese version of the game, "Granado Espada". Hopefully someone will put out a full soundtrack.

comment posted by Godai on 15 June

comment #13

Just a FYI, in the Shin Onimusha OST.

Track 6 "Jubei Yagyu Red Theme" should be "Jubei Yagyu Akane Theme", since her name is still Akane in the American version.

comment posted by DIO on 15 June

comment #14


comment posted by Godai on 16 June

comment #15

reaaaly the both album are great

comment posted by younes on 16 June

comment #16

Fantastic album. Could also upload the UMD video?

comment posted by RKO on 16 June

comment #17


comment posted by DragonmasterX on 16 June

comment #18

Shin Onimusha Dawn of Dreams Special Pack Original Soundtrack rules

comment posted by Nikon on 18 June

comment #19

Yes you are right Godai,.
I looked very good om JapanCD but you can't order this CD.
That is a pity because the Granado CD is VERY GOOD!
Thanxs for your site I order a lot more CD's i didn't first hear about.
But after listening to the mp3's tou offer I buy the original when the are good.
Thanxs Godai

comment posted by Worp3music on 18 June

comment #20

Grando Espada is truly great! "Temptation" mmm....

comment posted by Stan on 19 June

comment #21

finally ,been looking for this one for a long time.
cant wait ill seed all I can.

comment posted by finally on 19 June

comment #22

so... i was checking out that GE ost in bed and i noticed that i've heard the vocals in track #9 somewhere else, some movie with "young ppl & violence/guns & modern day" came to my mind but couldn't figure it out, so i went out of bed and stopped the music (it was too loud to sleep with) and when i came back American History X popped into my mind ;}

comment posted by Climbatiz on 23 July

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