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The Longest Journey

Tonight we have a nice pack of "The Longest Journey" material, it includes: Dreamfall - The Longest Journey Original Soundtrack, Dreamfall - The Longest Journey Soundtrack EP and The Longest Journey Original Soundtrack. Fans of the Funcom game series should check these out. Peace.

Edit: Sorry to anyone who was on the previous torrent, but it's been killed and a new one has been made, see comments on this post for more info.

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 20 June


comment #1

Awesome Godai! Been waiting to hear Dreamfall's music for a long time!

comment posted by JumboMaverick on 20 June

comment #2

No problem, JM. Now lets hope someone upgrades your SEB albums. ;)

comment posted by Godai on 20 June

comment #3

Godai, I was just wondering if/when you were going to release the albums I sent to you a few weeks ago.

comment posted by Cyantre on 20 June

comment #4


comment posted by HamandSushi on 20 June

comment #5

Cyantre, when I have to the time to get it altogether, I will do my best, though I can't give you a time guarantee or anything.

comment posted by Godai on 20 June

comment #6

Okay, that's cool. =) Just making sure you didn't forget about me. ;_;

comment posted by Cyantre on 21 June

comment #7

This (Dreamfall) is one of the few movie-style game soundtracks that is both as sophisticated as the best of actual movie scores, and isn't entirely derivative of them.

comment posted by HamandSushi on 21 June

comment #8

Thank you for the comprehensive release! Nothing like getting the tone of an entire series in one go.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 21 June

comment #9

Just thought I'd mention that Vivi Christensen is the performer in the track 2, not track 21. Ingvild Hasund sings in the 21 herself.

comment posted by Kilu on 21 June

comment #10

Great music from a great series. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

comment posted by Man_s on 21 June

comment #11

Thanks Kilu, the torrent has been taken down, and put back up.

comment posted by Godai on 21 June

comment #12

Thanks a lot for the excellent release, Godai! Especially for The Longest Journey Soundtrack, I have been looking for it for a while.

comment posted by Elrona on 22 June

comment #13

No problem.

comment posted by Kilu on 22 June

comment #14

The last four tracks on The Longest Journey OST are fantastic. It's too bad they were only featured in the game as tracks on a jukebox in a single scene.

comment posted by Brant on 24 June

comment #15

Brant listens to game music????

comment posted by Godai on 24 June

comment #16

Thank you so much! :)

comment posted by grrfilter on 29 June

comment #17

Just in case someone didn't know - you can download the longest journey music from its official website for a few years already. And it has 36 tracks instead of 30 ;) Funcom hasn't released dreamfall music in the same manner though... :/

comment posted by fragle on 29 June

comment #18

I think everyone knew this.

comment posted by Godai on 29 June

comment #19

Godai, you\'re probably right, sorry! *ashamed*
I just found the 12th comment rather... interesting, considering that the tlj soundtrack was pretty easy to find before this release as well :)

Oh, and i forgot to thank for this release in the previous comment so - thank you! :)

comment posted by fragle on 29 June

comment #20

About 12th comment ;)
The official release of The Longest Journey soundtrack (which was graciously granted by Godai)is slightly different from the website version. It has several bonus tracks (for example, Unicorn or The Longest Journey Suite) so I was very interested in obtaining this version as well. I remember old GFF thread where someone also asked for the commercial version of soundtrack - it was rather hard to find.
That's why I was very pleased with this release, many thanks to Goday again! :)

comment posted by Elrona on 05 July

comment #21

Could someone please seed? I've been stuck for a couple of days at 50%'s, it would be very much appreciated. I love the music to this game

comment posted by Jonatan on 10 July

comment #22

could some please reseed it thanks

comment posted by Jorg on 30 July

comment #23

I will hop on now.

comment posted by Godai on 30 July

comment #24

Hey there :D Was wondering if somebody could kindly re-seed this release again for a while :D Thanks

comment posted by Menzoberranzan on 24 December

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