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Old sound, new love…

...in the case of FM Sound Module Maniax anyway. The other release is Mother 1+2 midi Piano Version. The latter is midi piano versions of familiar Mother (EarthBound) tunes, so don't expect some real piano arrangements here.

The first album is a collection of tunes by the top VGM composers using the old FM Sound Module. Some of these were originally used for ringtones, and Nobuyoshi Sano got this album together. The featured artists are: Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Hosoe, Nobuyoshi Sano, Hiroshi Okubo, Kenji Ito, Yoko Shimomura, Michiko Naruke, Yasuhisa Watanabe, Keiichi Okabe, Motoaki Furukawa, Yu Miyake, Takayuki Aihara, Kohta Takahashi and Yuzo Koshiro! Quite the all-star list, check it out!

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 27 June


comment #1

Awesome, thanks for another great release!

comment posted by Muzza on 27 June

comment #2

Underrated genius: Nobuyoshi Sano
Check "Sanodg works" too!

comment posted by Alcahest on 27 June

comment #3

Sweet! I wish I had a ringtone as cool as these. Thanks!

comment posted by belXephon on 27 June

comment #4

Oh Earthbound! Neat, thanks!

comment posted by xybur on 28 June

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