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See you in a week or so!

This should be the last release for a little over a week, as I am heading out of town. Tonight's batch includes, Kenji Ito Piano Works Collection ~Everlasting Melodies~, KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT 2 SOUNDTRACK and Shin Sangokumusou Original Sound Track Ultimate Best.

The Kenji Ito album is, of course, piano, and features a "Romancing SaGa 2" arrangement. "KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT 2" is the 2nd 3D "King of Fighters" game, music is by Toshikazu Tanaka, who did the first "MI" title, along with other SNK titles (Metal Slug 5, etc.). Finally, Koei's "Dynasty Warriors" machine keeps pumping with this "best of" release, features one unreleased bonus track. Have a good one!

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 29 June


comment #1

I've been looking forward to Kenji Ito's piano works collection, thanks! Have a good time out of town, by the way.

comment posted by Muzza on 29 June

comment #2

Same here. Looking forward to the piano album.

Thanks, and have a nice week out of town!

comment posted by Silent J on 29 June

comment #3

thanx , and have a good time . :-)

comment posted by younes on 29 June

comment #4

Really a big thankx for this release , and a special thanx for the
cd 2 of the KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT 2 SOUNDTRACK , i like so much the snk music and the old are the best one.
We are waiting for The King of Fighters XI SOUNDTRACK .(u_r_n_1)

comment posted by younes on 29 June

comment #5

The King of Fighters XI Sound Collection was already released by us, younes.

comment posted by Godai on 29 June

comment #6

I have waited for Ito Kenji's New Work ! Thanks!!

comment posted by pandaro on 29 June

comment #7

I've been looking forward to KOF Maximum Impact 2's Soundtrack, thank you so much!

comment posted by egmcary on 02 July

comment #8

The LU BU DW ULTIMATE MIX is the BEST of the tracks in this release, but as always, I don't know how you (gamemp3s) manage to get your hands on these pearl, but thank you deeply, since I love game music =)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 03 July

comment #9

Great Release, I want to download this. But it says. Passkey is missing?
What's the Pass Key, please tell me.

I am also looking for KOF94-KOF95 OST. is these available here.

comment posted by Shakespeare on 11 July

comment #10

@ Godai:
Have you ever heard of Azurik: Rise of Perathia?
I would love to see the soundtrack here...^-~

comment posted by Lieven on 11 July

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