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I’m back! ~ Happy Birthday, Msia! (…VP2 & XS III)

I have returned. Tonight, after a little delay brought on by some ripping problems, we present Valkyrie Profile 2 -Silmeria- Original Soundtrack Vol.1 ~ Alicia Side and Xenosaga III Original Sound Best Tracks! Two hot new RPGs, two hot composers (Sakuraba & Kajiura), one ring to rule them--yeah, forget that. I took some more time and translated all the performers on "XSIII" for those of you who care about that sort of thing. You find some semi-neat stuff when you do that, like finding the same performer on both albums. Anyways, enjoy them.

Update: The torrent is now back up, thanks for your patience.

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 14 July


comment #1

Awesome! You rock, Godai!

comment posted by Bryce on 14 July

comment #2

Thanks a lot! Been looking forward to this release.

comment posted by Neil on 14 July

comment #3

Thanks again for another release, Godai! :)

comment posted by Tackey on 14 July

comment #4

Silmeria is pretty good, but IMO Sakuraba since Baten Kaitos is still composeing the same music. I like his style but it's starting to be annoying and a little bit boring... He definitely should go on a "short" vacations. Anyway, I'm still waiting for volume 2 and arrange album. Thanks for relase and keep doing what U do:).

comment posted by Herbaciak on 14 July

comment #5

Some more Sakuraba goodness! Thanks for another awesome release, Godai. And happy birthday, Msia!

comment posted by Muzza on 14 July

comment #6

i agree sakuraba of late has been prett much the same. Hopefully its interesting.

comment posted by Sirus on 14 July

comment #7

Nice, thanks Godai

comment posted by Lieven on 14 July

comment #8

thanks a lot !

comment posted by pandaro on 14 July

comment #9

This is wonderful, pure bliss!!! I cannot thank you enough, gamemp3:s, for your devotion and the marvellous quality game music you give us, ourselves devoted game music listeners. Game music soothes my soul!

Thank you again Godai and company =)VGM 4EVER!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 14 July

comment #10

THX alot.. GODAI~

comment posted by “D” zero on 14 July

comment #11

THX alot.. GODAI~

comment posted by “D” zero on 14 July

comment #12

Thank you very much for this releas and I have told you ,
you are n° 1 .

comment posted by younes on 14 July

comment #13

Wohoo! Always trust #GameMP3s with quality releases.

comment posted by ensngre on 14 July

comment #14

...Where's vol.2 of Silmeria?

comment posted by Xadius on 14 July

comment #15

Vol 2. of Silmeria is going to be released on July 26

comment posted by alpha on 14 July

comment #16

There's a weird artifact in the audio on track 214 at 2:36. Is that on the original?

comment posted by Brant on 14 July

comment #17

Goddess Kajiura... *emotion kills me* - Thanks a lot !!!

comment posted by Nesh on 14 July

comment #18

Thank you very much. I've been waiting for this release forever. =p

comment posted by Musashi on 14 July

comment #19

this is seriously good shit

comment posted by moiee on 14 July

comment #20

Definitely have been looking forward to this release for some time now, thanks very much for the release *o*~~!

comment posted by Megs on 14 July

comment #21

Awesome dudes! Thanks a lot for sharing this jewel.

comment posted by Kashell on 14 July

comment #22

Awesome double whammy! It's too bad Hosoe didn't stay on board for Xenosaga III, but I'm looking forward nonetheless!

comment posted by Klondike on 14 July

comment #23

Are you kidding? Episode III's soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks in a long time, since Tales of Legendia perhaps. Shinji Hosoe is fine and all, but man, this absolutely rocks.

Go Yuki Kajiura!

comment posted by Bryce on 14 July

comment #24

It was 2:33 for me on track 214 on XSIII. Nice song... And then it went POW! ...Well maybe not that loud, but still a noticeable artifact.

Not that I'm mad or anything because if it's not on the original, I'm sure the torrent'll be fixed and updated soon.

comment posted by MalaiseDivinity on 14 July

comment #25

Can't wait to listen to this load of goodness ! Thanks "Good-ai" !!

comment posted by kaserdan on 14 July

comment #26

oh snap. xsiii. :) thanks! :) :)

comment posted by eisforedmund on 14 July

comment #27

Okay, I'm gonna be the sad sack of the topic here. I'm not that impressed with vol.1 of Silmeria; maybe vol.2 will be better.

comment posted by Xadius on 14 July

comment #28

Vp2 rocks, it shows Sakuraba is heading towards new directions, which is good for me. :)

XSIII is fine too. Yuki is more concentrated in orchestra this time, and it shows that she can do the orchestra justice too. ^^

comment posted by Ovelia on 14 July

comment #29

XS III's soundtrack is nice. It's not powerful like XS I's. Not that it's a bad thing. It's nice.

If you want a fantastic ZOMG JAW DROP Kajiura OST, go download Tsubasa Chronicle Original Soundtrack - Future Soundscape III.

comment posted by Sir VG on 14 July

comment #30

It's very cool! But when the torrent functions it has new??? Excuse me, but I'm french and I don't speak English very well... ^^" Good continuation!

comment posted by Generator on 15 July

comment #31

I've downloaded the torrent earlier, so what was the problem?

comment posted by Rock on 15 July

comment #32

can some reseed tales of the abyss original sound track

comment posted by x10amin on 15 July

comment #33

Thanxs Godai,

Thanxs to your site I recently ordered 14 gamemusic CD's.
Thanxs to yoiur site I can listen to the cd's and when the are good I ordered the cd's by http://www.cdjapan.co.jp.
I ordered many Final Fantasy I didn't had from my collection. I ordered 2 castlevania cd's, Ar Tinelco and Wild Arms 4.
Keep up the good work Godai.
The next order by japan.co.jp is Xenosaga 3. I already had part 1 and 2. This is also a great soundtrack. What else should I expect from Kajiura. A great composer.

comment posted by Worp3 on 15 July

comment #34

One question the album of kajiura is called "original sound best Tracks" does that mean there are more tracks of here in the game?????
201 is my favorite track from that album.
That is what I like most about Kajiura!

comment posted by Worp3 on 15 July

comment #35

very good

comment posted by Jin on 15 July

comment #36

Apparently in track 214 on Xenosaga III Original Sound Best Tracks, at around 2:35 there was an artifact (the volume significantly increased) however I didn't hear it at all in my copy, so I guess I'm safe from downloading it again.

comment posted by Muzza on 15 July

comment #37

Guys i'm dieing from downloading this.. please re-share this again as soon as possible! ;_;

comment posted by Hyuga on 16 July

comment #38

I liked wasn't impressed by the Work of VP: Simelria Vol.1 I think the VP: Lenneth was far more fantastic it is one of my best favourits. I hope Vol. 2 will be better.

However, XSIII was a good one I liked it specially the ending medley. I hope there is more tracks to come on colmplete release.

Thanx Gamemp3s for all you do to us "fans"

comment posted by Yunalesca on 16 July

comment #39

Oh yes, me too! I can't wait for it to be rereleased. D:~~

comment posted by Rein on 17 July

comment #40

I'd love to listen to the reload. Dreaming of hearing the entirety of Xenosaga 3 in addition to the best of someday.

Thanks for the hard work so far #gamemp3s crew.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 20 July

comment #41


Well worth the wait :D

comment posted by pok on 21 July

comment #42

I can't wait for the re-release of XSIII and THANKS!

comment posted by Tsunade on 22 July

comment #43

When is the torrent going to be back up?

comment posted by jeriaska on 22 July

comment #44

Maybe their CD is bad and they are getting a replacement.

comment posted by lrk on 23 July

comment #45

Maybe when the second part of Valkyrie Profile Silmeria comes out on the 26th, and (hopefully) Persona 3. That's my guess

comment posted by Bayne on 23 July

comment #46

Can't wait for the torrent to be put back up as well as the Persona album. The P3 album is already up online...in generic 192 kbps for those who wish to seek it out. Amazing soundtrack.

comment posted by D-5 on 23 July

comment #47

Hey everybody!

This is not a comment, but rather the only place I can write this anymore. What the heck has happened to GFF!? I just went there and this message about the most wonderful community on the Internet said that it would no longer be hosted. That almost made me cry. Where are we going to go now for all our gaming forum needs!?

Does anyone have more information?

P.S. Sorry for writing this here, but I didn't know where else to do it D.S.

/Gameguardian (also my name on GFF)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 23 July

comment #48

P.S. 2 - I LOVED GFF! D.S. 2

comment posted by Gameguardian on 23 July

comment #49

GFF is coming back online again!! 7:00 (-4 GMT)

comment posted by RyuFAN on 23 July

comment #50

Sorry for the silence guys, should have that torrent back up on Monday and you can expect some more new stuff this week.

comment posted by Godai on 23 July

comment #51

Awesome ^^

comment posted by RyuFAN on 24 July

comment #52

Bring on Tekken DR!!

comment posted by Morphballer on 24 July

comment #53

Yay can't wait for the torrent!:D

comment posted by linosan on 24 July

comment #54


comment posted by MalaiseDivinity on 24 July

comment #55

Alright, it's finally up, thanks!

comment posted by J-Man on 24 July

comment #56

Finally the wait is over!

comment posted by ranny on 24 July

comment #57

Many thanks guys

comment posted by RyuFAN on 25 July

comment #58

Yay, it's back! Although, I'm getting an error whenever I start up the torrent...

It says "Error: Existing file length too long [2348>2345]" O_o What does this mean? D:

comment posted by Rein on 25 July

comment #59

Rein: If you already have a 7-13-06 folder from the old one and you're downloading the new one in the same place delete it and start over.

comment posted by Msia on 25 July

comment #60

Ah, now it's working! Thanks, Msia!

comment posted by Rein on 25 July

comment #61

Must...have... Valkyrie Profile 2 -Silmeria- Original Soundtrack Vol.2 ~ Silmeria Side... Hehe. *wink wink* I love all your releases! Keep it up! You guys are awesome!

comment posted by Chrosius on 29 July

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