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This week’s big update!

I've gone and put 5 albums into today's release, the 5 albums are: Gaia Crusaders Original Sound Track, Persona 3 Original Soundtrack, Sengoku Basara 2 Original Soundtrack, Tekken 5 & Tekken Dark Resurrection Original Soundtrack, Valkyrie Profile 2 -Silmeria- Original Soundtrack Vol.2 ~ Silmeria Side!

I'm not going to start talking about all of them, except that Toshikazu Tanaka ("Metal Slug" series, "King of Fighters" series) did the music for "Gaia Crusaders". Do some research on the others!

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 02 August


comment #1

You're killing my traffic limits :( But it's worth it. Thank you for your work and especially for the archive torrents as I missed a lot of the earlier releases.

comment posted by Emil on 02 August

comment #2

Excellent torrent
My parents are gonna kill me as I'm stealing all their bandwidth!!
With the #-A torrent running as well
Many thanks guys
You totally rock! ^^

comment posted by RyuFAN on 02 August

comment #3

Thanks, crew, been waiting for your release of the Persona 3 soundtrack. Quality-release as always. I'll seed as much as I can. :)

comment posted by ensngre on 02 August

comment #4

This is awesome, thanks so much for the releases *___*~ Especially the VP2 OST 2 ^O^!

comment posted by Megs on 02 August

comment #5

Another awesome release, thanks Godai for all of the hard work you put into ripping (etc) all of these albums! Your work's always greatly appreciated.

comment posted by Muzza on 02 August

comment #6

Hooray! I've been wondering when you guys were going to release Valkyrie Profile 2! Thank you guys so much!! You guys are truly awesome... I just love these kinds of music!

comment posted by Chrosius on 02 August

comment #7

Protip: SPARKING is the greatest vgm vocal song of all tiem111

comment posted by Msia on 02 August

comment #8

Thank goodness my bandwidth resets every 30th. I've been waiting for the Persona 3 album for awhile now (At least with proper VBR and not generic 192 kbps CBR). Good job!

comment posted by D-5 on 02 August

comment #9

At last, my dreams are fufilled! Thank you god

comment posted by Ashton on 02 August

comment #10

New Super Mario Bros OST coming up? Thanx

comment posted by petn on 02 August

comment #11

Wow, thanks Godai and the #gamemp3s team. First, the batch torrent, now this. You guys are great, keep up the hard work.

comment posted by Tackey on 02 August

comment #12

All the people from gamemp3s has a special place in my heart, thank
you very much, now a moment of silence for E3...

comment posted by Melhavic on 02 August

comment #13

comment posted by DragonmasterX on 02 August

comment #14

Thank you!

comment posted by jeriaska on 02 August

comment #15

Many thanks!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 02 August

comment #16

Tekken 5? About time Namco released it. Been waiting for it for about a year.

comment posted by Alucard on 02 August

comment #17

Gaia Crusaders OST... God,wasn't that dream? I like this game very much. Especially the BGM in stage 3 is great. thank you very much.

comment posted by Kagami0 on 02 August

comment #18

Is there any way to know the file size of each torrent from #gamemp3s

comment posted by D “zero” on 02 August

comment #19

Is there any way to know the file size of each torrent from #gamemp3s

comment posted by D “zero” on 02 August

comment #20

D "zero": Look on the tracker page, file size is right there.

comment posted by Godai on 02 August

comment #21

hurray, persona 3 & VP. :) thanks!

comment posted by ming on 02 August

comment #22

Just listened to the Tekken 5 OST and it sounds a lot better than the rips. What is really strange is the lack of the music from the Devil Within mini-game. I liked the music in that and it's odd that they would leave that out.

comment posted by Alucard on 02 August

comment #23

Alucard: Yeah that remix of Jin's music from Tekken 3 was the shit.

comment posted by Msia on 03 August

comment #24

Wow. Godai~ thanks~! and keep you effort~! Gambathes!

comment posted by D “zero” on 03 August

comment #25

Wow. Godai~ thanks~! and keep you effort~! Gambathes!

comment posted by D “zero” on 03 August

comment #26

Wow, big release! Just in time for my long plane ride tomorrow :)

I've barely listened to any of this yet, but is there any info for the singer on "Burn My Dread"? Parts of it remind me of Mai Yamane (Cowboy Bebop, other Yoko Kanno stuff).

Thank you so much for the music!

comment posted by Toma on 03 August

comment #27

thanks for the up. i cant stand the persona 3 ost but the rest is good. Hopefully ill come to like the p3 ost before the game comes out because the game looks so awesome.

comment posted by Sirus on 03 August

comment #28

Toma: There was no vocalist info for Persona 3 as far as I could see from the limited scans Msia sent me.

comment posted by Godai on 03 August

comment #29

Does anyone have cover scans for the Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection soundtrack? It'd be greatly appreciated.

comment posted by Tokubetsu on 03 August

comment #30

Can anyone seed Gaia Crusaders Original Sound Track alone?

comment posted by emuxer on 03 August

comment #31

OMG thank you so much! I was waiting for Tekken 5, and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria Volume 2. Awesome job guys! thanks again

comment posted by egmcary on 03 August

comment #32

Exumer: If you're using good bittorrent program (like utorrent), you can just choose to download those Gaia Crusaders OST files.

Pretty good release, althought Persona 3 is weird one, but VP 2 is probably the best Sakuraba score in this century.

comment posted by Razakin on 04 August

comment #33


comment posted by Lieven on 04 August

comment #34

Thanks for the Sengoku BASARA 2 soundtrack, I know this site must have it cause it's the greatest game OSTs sharing site ever on the net, thanks for being so awesome!!

Best Regards,
KOEI Warriors - http://koeiwarriors.simgames.net

comment posted by KOEI Warriors on 04 August

comment #35

Thanks for this great upload!

Persona 3 is some hip hop horror fun.

Wonderful tunes and quality.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 04 August

comment #36

hmm...the sengoku basara wasn't as good as i thought it would be. Everything else was really nice.

comment posted by Keisatsu on 07 August

comment #37

awesome releases, p3 ost is godly totally what the game needed.

comment posted by RPGfan on 12 August

comment #38

FAB! Been waiting for Tekken5 for what feels like ages! And now we get the Dark Res version with it... you wait ages for a Tekken soundtrack, and then... :)

T x

comment posted by Tony on 28 August

comment #39

Thanks for the fabolous work and archive that you have archieve. Basara 2 soundtrack is what i have been looking for recently, thanks and respect.

comment posted by Benax on 24 September

comment #40

the link please!! >=(

comment posted by pollito on 02 August

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