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RSS Feeds, Podcasts, and BitTorrent

We now have hosting for the podcasts, so you can download them directly instead of using BitTorrent. This means that you can also pass this RSS feed to iTunes, your PSP, or whatever other device/application you prefer to automatically fetch new episodes whenever they're available.

Incidentally, you can also use our "New Releases" RSS feed to download new releases as soon as we post them here. There are several BitTorrent clients out there that will allow you to automatically start new torrents from an RSS feed, but here's how to do it with ĀµTorrent, which happens to be my favorite.

First, simply add the URL of the RSS feed to the list...

uTorrent RSS tutorial #1

... Then add an entry to the Favorites tab to download every new release. The circled settings are what you need to pay attention to, everything else can be customized to your liking. Be sure to specify a folder to save the new stuff in.

uTorrent RSS tutorial #2

Azureus has a several RSS plugins as well, but since I'm not very familiar with them I won't post a walkthrough here. Enjoy!

posted by Brant on 08 August


comment #1

Awesome. Hope this means the podcasts will pop around more often. Godai and Msia + Hidden Gems = Great stuff.

comment posted by MalaiseDivinity on 08 August

comment #2

Thanks for the praise Malaise :)

comment posted by Msia on 08 August

comment #3

I' ve got an idea. Since U' ve got gamemp3s and j-rhythm, than why not create asian movie soundtracks( some are really fantastic)? This would be great:). Anyway, thanks again for great job!

comment posted by herbaciak on 09 August

comment #4

Awesome! Thanks for all the RSS goodness!

comment posted by Rock on 09 August

comment #5

Coo'. I wasn't even aware that doing this was possible, but it's awesome that it is. Thanks for the tutorial too, Brant!

comment posted by Kanji on 09 August

comment #6

If only I knew how to use it...V_V

comment posted by Xadius on 12 August

comment #7

I added the feed into utorrent...will this automatically download all the torrents on the tracker or only the gamemp3 releases? because i am only after leeching/seeding them, not the other torrents on the tracker...


comment posted by volkov on 16 August

comment #8

It will only download things that are posted in the new releases section, not everything on the tracker.

comment posted by Brant on 16 August

comment #9

what about the archive ones? I only plan on downloading/seeding the albums which I don't already have either backed up or currently on a HDD; would automating it make the whole thing download?

comment posted by wvlfpvp on 17 August

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