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It's not VP 2 Arrange (which should be soon, pending some more ripping problems!), but here is something awesome, the Yogurting Original Soundtrack! "Yogurting" is a Korean MMORPG on the cute side, music is by Jang Sung-Woon and Nam Goo-Min from the Korean sound group, N'Square. Sung-Woon has done games like "Magna Carta" and "The War of Genesis" series, while Goo-Min has worked on "TalesWeaver" (look for a reprint of this album coming soon!).

Highly recommended album here, so please give it a listen!

BONUS! Here are the scans for this album.

EDIT: HAHA, I made a tagging error. That's what happens when you change the album field 4 times and forget to change the artist on the last track. These errors are getting out of hand, I'm probably getting too old for this. Anyways, sorry guys, but the torrent has been nuked. If you don't want to re-download, then please get the SFV, M3U and last track from the new torrent. Thank you for your patience.

posted by Godai on 16 August


comment #1

I've heard nothing but good things about this game, I'll be sure to download it's soundtrack as soon as possible! Thanks again.

comment posted by Muzza on 16 August

comment #2

Oh yeah, this is absolutely great, since the music in Magna Carta is among the best soundtracks available (unlike the game itself, which is brought down terribly by cumbersome and boring battles).

But hey, this is awesome, as always Godai and team, thank you very much =)


comment posted by Gameguardian on 16 August

comment #3

Hey, scans! Thanks, guys!

Any chance of future gamemp3s rips featuring album art embedded into the id3 tags?

comment posted by Desides on 16 August

comment #4

Yogurting... I become hungry...

comment posted by Hamu-Sumo on 16 August

comment #5

Cool, you can never go wrong with Jang Sung-Woon.

comment posted by Rock on 16 August

comment #6

@Godai: Hey, you're definitely not too old! I hope (or should I say: we hope) that you keep up this great job for a another decade! So keep tagging ;)


comment posted by LiquidAcid on 16 August

comment #7

Thanks for this, I've listened to more than half of it and I'm really liking it!

comment posted by LittleFish on 16 August

comment #8

Mistakes are only human Godai
Keep up to good work

comment posted by RyuFAN on 17 August

comment #9

Thanks for Share~

Do u have some info about this album's artist?

comment posted by askwind on 17 August

comment #10

I am yogurting all over this album, i've been wanting it for so long

so long

comment posted by Ashton on 18 August

comment #11

Fantastic soundtrack, it just became one of my fav game soundtracks!

comment posted by jelbo on 19 August

comment #12

Not quite as good as advertised. What I presume to be the various dungeons' music is good, but everything else is just... blah.

A Must-Win Battle and Bygone Days are the highlights.

comment posted by Desides on 19 August

comment #13

The thing i like most is the bonus track, performmed by Haruka Shimotsuki.

comment posted by Kito on 19 August

comment #14

...Can I have the number on the back of the Item Ticket if you're not using it? >_>; (wtf

comment posted by Mi on 19 August

comment #15

The thing i like most is the bonus track, performmed by Haruka Shimotsuki.

Comment by Kito — August 19 @ 10:31 AM


comment posted by AstaL on 31 August

comment #16

seed pls mine stuck at 21%

ty ty ^^

comment posted by Trix on 28 November

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