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New #j-rhythm release!

I figure most people don't visit my other site, but I just wanted to mention we released a couple of interesting albums over there, head over to the site and have a look. #j-rhythm.com

posted by Godai on 06 September


comment #1

Ummm ok , why not , i am going now see you there . :-/

comment posted by younes on 07 September

comment #2

Wonderful releases, by the way.

comment posted by Judge on 07 September

comment #3

Will give it a try.

comment posted by finalstan on 08 September

comment #4

Metalchicks are pretty nice. They almost don't sing, so they R good:).

comment posted by Herbaciak on 08 September

comment #5

Liking the sounds out of these two.

MEtalchicks FEELS like atmospheric videogame music for the DS. Not too bad that.

THanks for getting this out there Gamemp3 crew!

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 09 September

comment #6

I go all the time but there is never any new stuff! Glad to see it didn't die! Awesome!

comment posted by Fry on 10 September

comment #7

I, too, am often disappointed by the lack of J-rhythm releases! And Metalchicks are awesome.

comment posted by chesh on 10 September

comment #8

Can you reseed Akiko Shikata - Navigatoria? I'm locked at 28,6%.


comment posted by Grendizer on 11 September

comment #9

Yeah, I'd like to see more mainstream/non-mainstream J-music releases.

At least you rip/tag the .mp3s properly unlike other release groups... (last time I checked anyway)

comment posted by layzee on 11 September

comment #10

Also, in my opinion, game vocal singles like "Utada Hikaru / Passions, Hikari, Colours" and "Gackt / Redemption" should be considered a #j-rhythm release as opposed to #gamemp3s. But, whatever. (:

comment posted by layzee on 12 September

comment #11

Grendizer: I tried to reseed it for you, but it seems just putting all the files back and restarting the torrent doesn't work :/ hope you can get it, it's an awesome album.

comment posted by chesh on 15 September

comment #12


I have got it 3 days ago. Thanks anyway.

comment posted by Grendizer on 15 September

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