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Almost there…

We're almost at the 1000 release milestone with tonight's 4-album update, including: Bullet Witch Original Soundtrack, Carnage Heart Portable Original Sound Track, Phantasy Star Universe Soundtrack CD and SAVE THIS WORLD Phantasy Star Universe Original Score!

The first two are from SuperSweep and the last two are, of course, from "Phantasy Star Universe". The "soundtrack" CD title is kind of misleading, it's not the full soundtrack, but the promo CD that was packed in with the game. The "score" is orchestral arrangements of some of the tracks from the game, performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic and Hollywood Session Orchestra. Look for the full 3-disc OST next month!

posted by Godai on 18 September


comment #1

Orchestral vgm ftw!

comment posted by phoenix on 18 September

comment #2

Fantastic release! I never listened to Phantasy Star music and now I know how big mistake it was - those arranges are great! Now I'm waitin' for an OST... and in two days FF III OST, I hope U'll get it as soon as it's possible:). Thanks again!

comment posted by Herbaciak on 18 September

comment #3

Looking forward to that PSU full OST! Thanks for this nice update! ;)

comment posted by aclors on 18 September

comment #4

Great! V0 Phantasy Star music is going to be awesome.

comment posted by Mucknuggle on 18 September

comment #5

Remember the amazing intro from Suikoden II? It was done by Warsaw Filharmonic! I will definitely download this stuff. Thanks!
Greetings from Poland :)

comment posted by finalstan on 18 September

comment #6

thank god

comment posted by NightsB on 18 September

comment #7

Orchestra arrange=love. Thanks. :D

comment posted by urutapu on 18 September

comment #8

is this music similar to phantasy star online

comment posted by darkphantom on 18 September

comment #9

The PSU music rocks! Quite similar to PSO imo, and I love PSO's music...

Warsaw Phil did a lot of recordings with Japanese artists such as Yoko Kanno and Namco Sound Team (Ace Combat 5, Katamari) actually. :)

comment posted by Ovelia on 19 September

comment #10

those PSO cds are great! Fantastic stuff! thanks again.

comment posted by Sirus on 19 September

comment #11

Eh, dunno where to ask this, but where can I find the release history before July 2003? Thanks.

comment posted by aclors on 20 September

comment #12

I am enjoying a lot those two Phantasy Universe albums. Nice orchestral stuff.

Perhaps it will be nice if you bring it to the Podcast next time, with a guest probably?

comment posted by Rama on 20 September

comment #13

aclors: That information is lost. You only have the album list to go by now.

comment posted by Godai on 20 September

comment #14

When will you guys be releasing the FF3 OST? Soon, hopefully?

comment posted by deathray on 21 September

comment #15

"When will you guys be releasing the FF3 OST? Soon, hopefully?"

That soundtrack just came out yesterday. Give it a couple of weeks.

comment posted by Desides on 21 September

comment #16

Team #gamemp3s, you've been working your hearts out. My deepest thanks.

comment posted by jeriaska on 21 September

comment #17

Thank you for the fine instrumentations.

Congrats on the aproach to 1000 gamemp3 crew!

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 22 September

comment #18

I'm getting an error that says this torrent is being rejected by the tracker because it's not registered with the tracker. But all the other torrents on gamemp3s are working fine. I think maybe someone needs to remake the torrent?

comment posted by Anonymous on 03 September

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