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Metal Slug Complete Sound Box

Here is the Metal Slug Complete Sound Box, compiling the soundtracks from "Metal Slug" 1~6, "Metal Slug X" and "Metal Slug 3D".  Also features and arranged track by Mitsuhiro Kaneda.  Download and celebrate the 10th anniversary of "Metal Slug"!

posted by Godai on 23 September


comment #1

Amazing stuff!! Thanks a lot!

comment posted by eyrion on 23 September

comment #2

Metal Slug 6's music is especially my favorite. Following by 5's music.


comment posted by soniclover on 23 September

comment #3

Thanks, Godai and gang!

comment posted by MasterZophar on 23 September

comment #4

Holy shit! What a treat! Mostly for the nostalgia, granted...

Is anyone getting Metal Slug Anthology for [whatever platform] later this year?

comment posted by sixtyfps on 24 September

comment #5

What the ... O.o

At least a proper, official release for Metal Slug 4 :) That's a great pick, guys ! Cheers !!

comment posted by Zeugma on 24 September

comment #6

Zeugma: It's not improperly tagged, blame SNK for changing the stage order after the soundtrack was in print. And Happinet for being lazy and not changing those track titles.

comment posted by Razakin on 24 September

comment #7

Too cool. Thanks!

comment posted by Emil on 24 September

comment #8

Is it just me or the 5th CD (MS4) has been improperly tagged ?
Either the tracklist is scrambled, or the game I played didn't have the proper BGMs :S

Here are the tracks I've recognized (with [ok] in front of the properly tagged ones) :

01 - Opening Demo [ok]
02 - The Military System [ok]
03 - Player Select [ok]
04 - Stage 3
05 - Stage 5
06 - Boss 1
07 - Stage 4 [ok]
08 - Stage 5 [ok]
09 - Boss 2
10 - Stage 1
11 - Stage 6 - Final
12 - Final Boss 1st Half [ok]
13 - Final Boss 2nd Half [ok]
14 - Escape [ok]
15 - Bad ending
16 - Good ending
17 - Staff Roll [ok]
18 - Gravestone [ok]
19 - Carry Out [ok]

Has anyone else noticed this ?

comment posted by Zeugma on 24 September

comment #9

(edit) 05 - Stage 2

comment posted by Zeugma on 24 September

comment #10

namiki ftw.

comment posted by gottagfll on 24 September

comment #11

I'm going to be getting it for the Wheeeeeee!!!
Well it's what I say when I play Metal Slug, so I might as well get it, right?

I so wish the US would see MS3D.

comment posted by Cid_Highwind on 24 September

comment #12

Metal Slug?! Can't be..

comment posted by Alcahest on 24 September

comment #13

Right, I'll retag them on my side then :P

*blames SNK and Happinet*

comment posted by Zeugma on 24 September

comment #14

Whoa! Time to say good riddance to all these incomplete, ambiguously-tagged rips I've had sitting around. Thanks!

comment posted by Metaly on 24 September

comment #15

Slugs 2 and 3 have my favorite tunes, but of course it's all good.
Way to go, "Hiya!"
I'm proud to own this boxset already, cause it rocks!

comment posted by Carl on 24 September

comment #16


I never thought I'd ever see this.
You guys are awesome.

comment posted by chaoofnee on 25 September

comment #17

Metal Slug music deluxe. I couldn't ask for any more =) Thanks team!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 26 September

comment #18

Okay, the music is much better than I remember ;)

Cid_Highwind: High Five! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I'm going to read reviews before getting MSA, but Monkey Ball + Zelda are no-brainers.

comment posted by sixtyfps on 27 September

comment #19

Can anyone reseed per chance?? I need this box set in my life!!!

comment posted by SerpentWave on 13 December

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