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Three little piggies

Last night was one big release...and here are three little ones, Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA V-Rare Soundtrack-8 USA, Nanosweep.3 and Rule of Rose ~ Songs from the Original Soundtrack.

Three (okay maybe two) very different styles of music are presented in these three mini-albums, please enjoy them to their fullest!

posted by Godai on 24 September


comment #1

Rule of Rose only has 6 tracks?

comment posted by Desides on 24 September

comment #2

Yes, it was only a promo CD for preorders of the game. There is no full soundtrack unfortunately.

comment posted by Godai on 24 September

comment #3

I've listened to the Rule of Rose rip. In the rip, although there's 1 hour of music, there're many small (and similar) pieces that lasts about 10 seconds, and some (nearly) duplicates.

I'm pretty sure that these 6 tracks presented here contains most of the music materials. Anyway, and as always, thx for sharing. :)

comment posted by Ovelia on 24 September

comment #4

I'm impressed to see V-RARE 8 on this site. Any chance of releasing some of the newer beatmania IIDX soundtracks in the future? ^_^;

comment posted by Cyantre on 25 September

comment #5

Thanks for the last releases, especially the one with FF3's music ^^
Are you going to release the .Hack//g.u ost btw ?

comment posted by Testament on 25 September

comment #6

Thank you for some really nice music.
I love the Dance Dance Revolution music.

comment posted by ffmusic dj on 25 September

comment #7

HHAA OMGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!! !Aoow!!!

Err, Nanosweep.3. Been waiting for that one :D!

comment posted by MalaiseDivinity on 25 September

comment #8

Oh hells yea~ DDR! Thanks a lot buds, awesome release. :D

comment posted by Blizzje on 25 September

comment #9

Awesome as always, thank you! :)

comment posted by ZK on 25 September

comment #10

I second the release of the newer Beatmania soundtracks (say, 7th style and up).

comment posted by layzee on 26 September

comment #11

Great, this is just great, as always, I thank you Gamemp3s

comment posted by Gameguardian on 26 September

comment #12

Even if it's only 6 tracks, OMG YES RULE OF ROSE!

comment posted by chesh on 27 September

comment #13

Thanks for having included the 'Rule of Rose' promo soundtrack... Nice haunting music & quite difficult to get if you're outside of the US...
Just a small request : will it be possible in a future release to include the japan-preorder-only limited soundtrack (2 tracks only) of Kônagihishôka from 'Siren 2'? Thanks in advance...

comment posted by Paro on 27 September

comment #14

Will you also be getting V-RARE 9?

comment posted by Cyantre on 29 September

comment #15

Nanosweep.3 was excellent. Never even heard of this (or the first 2 for that matter) until now. Still not really sure what the albums actually are though (compilation, OST, etc.).

Didn't like Rule of Rose at all really, not into that "classical" style. The DDR soundtrack was ok, but Nanosweep really shined with songs like "Do you play?" and "Lucida." Fantastic.

comment posted by Antignition on 01 October

comment #16

are you going to release motoi sakuraba valkyrie profile 2 live 2006?

comment posted by scissorkut on 01 October

comment #17

ACK! Rule of Rose! Holy crap, thank you so much! I couldn't get ahold of the Promo CD, so this is a god-send! m(_ _)m

comment posted by Michael on 02 October

comment #18

hey! RULE OF ROSE!!! erm can u upload the scans like the music sheets up? coz ive been looking for that and this other torrent does not have any seeders...and is stuck at 6.7% 0_0

neone has it please upload!
thanks in advance

comment posted by Twilite on 08 October

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