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Only I am crazy enough to…

....release something on my wedding day! Here is Motoi Sakuraba Live 2006 -Valkyrie Profile 2-! Awesome album, huge Sakuraba fan that I am. Enjoy it!


posted by Godai on 07 October


comment #1

comment posted by Msia on 07 October

comment #2

Happy wedding then, and thanks a lot for the salvation you bring to us with this release :D

comment posted by Nesh on 07 October

comment #3

Well Godai, I must say Thanks you and Welcome to the Married World Club XD, keep up the good work.

Excellent Album I had waiting this album all week.

comment posted by evil baz on 07 October

comment #4

I will play some VP2 in your honor!

comment posted by Cloudcent on 07 October

comment #5

Congratulation. Are you gonna play some VGM instead of wedding march when you walk down the isle? (just kidding) But it'll be cool to play some at the party.

comment posted by Quyen on 07 October

comment #6

Congratulations, Godai! Fantastic news, fantastic music. :D

comment posted by ashmountains on 07 October

comment #7

Congrats! And thanks! :D

comment posted by Lania on 07 October

comment #8

Congratulations! And thank you, as always...

You know something? On my wedding day, almost five years ago now, I actually asked to have some VGM played! We had Final Fantasy VI´s "Gau´s theme", "Relm´s theme" and the ending theme of Final Fantasy II (Japan) during the ceremony (a Catholic mass), and our first married dance was to "Melodies of Life" (from Final Fantasy IX) played by a great Mexican band. Pure bliss!

Tons of happiness to you. Sorry about any English mistakes.

comment posted by Aisling on 07 October

comment #9


You are the man. Enjoy your wedding. At my wedding (pre ceremony), I had Sakura Taisen V's "Kiss Me Sweet" and some other tunes played. I also plan on making my newborn listen to lots of VGM (he'll be born any day now!).

I'm guessing you'll be taking a break from gamemp3s for a bit. Definitely a well-deserved one! Enjoy life in the club!


comment posted by Ramza on 07 October

comment #10

Congratulations on your marriage! :)

comment posted by animetayl on 07 October

comment #11

I'm trying to download the scans, It says that I must log in to the website. Do I have to register to the yousendit website?

comment posted by Grendizer on 07 October

comment #12

Congratulations! Thank you for the album. I couldn't wait until your release, so I purchased it in the net, but I haven't received it yet, so I will give it a download!
Have a very nice wedding!

comment posted by Yite on 07 October

comment #13

Congratulations on your wedding and thanks for the album. :D

comment posted by Blizzje on 07 October

comment #14

Congrats, Godai.

comment posted by Desides on 07 October

comment #15

Remember it as one of the greatest days of your life. In the words of Mario Kart 64 Japanese announcer "Congratulation!"

comment posted by XISMZERO on 07 October

comment #16

First the Wild Arms album and now this, lot of great new stuff lately.

Hope the ceremony/honeymoon was a blast.

comment posted by Antignition on 07 October

comment #17

Congrats Godai, and jeez, how zealous is that to release something on your wedding day!

comment posted by Muzza on 07 October

comment #18

Grats Godai!

comment posted by Iadien on 07 October

comment #19

Omedeto ^^ .

comment posted by Kiara on 07 October

comment #20

Congratulations, Godai!!
As for the download: cannot dowload it.. it asks for a login/password

comment posted by Ace Jayce on 07 October

comment #21

You probably mean the scans (we don't require a login/password to download albums) sendspace has been giving me problems, so I've had to use yousendit...so yeah you have to register an account to get the scans.

comment posted by Godai on 08 October

comment #22

A lot of happines fro you in this vital moment of your lives. :)

Is mi first post but i visited this pagen many times . Your efforts are impressive and in this moment i feel one enormous grattitude .

Thanks for all your shares and my best blessings to you and your new family. ^^

comment posted by Xenogear on 08 October

comment #23

You can always use bugmenot.com if you don't want to sign up to download the scans.

comment posted by maxspark21 on 08 October

comment #24

Thank-you very much and congratulations Godai!

comment posted by leingod on 08 October

comment #25

Congratulations and happy wedding, before, during and after ;)

comment posted by DarkBlack on 08 October

comment #26

You are crazy !! And what's with the big occassion all taking places in this month ?? I've got 2 of my friends getting married this month :P.
Congratulation Godai ! Marriage is always a blessing !!

comment posted by abang on 08 October

comment #27

The best wishes for U and for your wife... and for gamemp3s too!:D At last synthesized Sakuraba! Thanks and congrats!

comment posted by Herbaciak on 08 October

comment #28

More Motoi Sakuraba is always wonderful, thanks a lot team gamemp3:s!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 08 October

comment #29

And of course, congratulations Godai, my best wishes to you and your partner =)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 08 October

comment #30

Congratulations on your marriage. That's awesome! And wow, you are crazy to release something on your wedding day...you should be on your honeymoon, no? Ahaha, just kidding! I hope for the best for you and your wife. Thank you for all the soundtracks you've released! You are like the music god!

comment posted by Chrosius on 08 October

comment #31

Thank you, and congratulations! We need photos of the wedding :D

comment posted by Silent J on 09 October

comment #32

Congrats Godai! BTW, the scans not available anymore :(

comment posted by ranny on 09 October

comment #33

Congrats,too you & yours till torrrents do you apart...Just joking.
*Raising hand up* "It's a celebration" cheers..

comment posted by Melhavic on 09 October

comment #34

Thanks for the kind wishes folks. Reupped scans to sendspace, should be okay now.

comment posted by Godai on 09 October

comment #35

OOh wow, Congrats! I would love to see wedding photos!

comment posted by ffmusicdj on 09 October

comment #36

Thank you for your work and congratulations!

comment posted by Sorcerian on 09 October

comment #37

Congrats Godai! Thanks for another release!

comment posted by projectg on 09 October

comment #38

vp2's music is good.thanks!
but "sendspace" is not a good space for uploading files,when i want to download the album scans,it appears "There are no free download slots available."......how about YSI(http://photos.yousendit.com/),it's a good place for uploading pictures.

comment posted by Bolo on 10 October

comment #39

Congratulations on the wedding, and thank you soo much for the OST.
I am a huge fan of motoi, and an even huger fan to valkyrie.
looking forward to your next releases.

comment posted by WNxChampion on 10 October

comment #40

Way to go Godai! Congratulations. Let's see some pics!

comment posted by ShinYaguchi on 10 October

comment #41

Congratulations Godai XD, thanks for another a great release!

comment posted by lonewolfterry on 10 October

comment #42

gratz on getting married!

comment posted by Shin Ein on 17 October

comment #43

Congratulations,to wedding and solved the problems

comment posted by 5158 on 17 October

comment #44

Congrats on the wedding, Godai!
Hope you and your wife enjoy life to the fullest =)

comment posted by Carl on 17 October

comment #45

Congratulations! Thanks for the release, too.

comment posted by Masa on 17 October

comment #46

"Congratulations" on getting married hehehe. A new life begins from this point :).

comment posted by Woch (Spain) on 18 October

comment #47

Wedding?? omg i thought this guy was something like 17-18 haha

congrat anyway :) dont forget us though ;)

comment posted by Flying Dragon on 20 October

comment #48

Congratulation! The album is great!

Hey, how about releasing a podcast together with your wife? *smile*

comment posted by Rama on 20 October

comment #49

Congratulations Godai-san ^_^

comment posted by voxie on 20 October

comment #50

Congratulation for your wedding! Wish you all the happiness in the world, you deserve it, big fan of Sakuraba as I am!

comment posted by Drakul on 22 October

comment #51

Also congratulations! I got married just a week before, and it's pretty awesome, so I hope you are enjoying yourself! We played the Theme From Final Fantasy (FF XII version) as the recessional for our ceremony. :-P

comment posted by charlequin on 31 October

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