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For “a” Brighter Day

Another big release tonight, FOR BRIGHTER DAY Phantasy Star Universe Original Sound Track!  Celebrating the release of the game, here is the three-disc soundtrack.  "PSU" features Hideaki Kobayashi, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani, TAI-HEY and Seirou Okamoto.  See you on "PSU"!

posted by Godai on 20 October


comment #1

Cool, I guess we have another PSU fan here, hopefully catch you online sometime (presuming your name is Godai on there!) Oh, and thanks again for another great (PSU) release!

comment posted by voxie on 20 October

comment #2

Are all these releases on top of each other to make up for the downtime or something? xD;

And, just asking. Are you planning on releasing ZX TUNES?

comment posted by urutapu on 20 October

comment #3

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! PSU is the best.

Hopefully ZX Tunes will be released...

comment posted by aclors on 20 October

comment #4

It was a long time coming baby. You are the $h!t man.

comment posted by quest on 20 October

comment #5


comment posted by Morphballer on 21 October

comment #6

You, sir, just made the three/four day wait mercifully less painful. Unfortunately, I can't write anything to thank the gamemp3s collective enough.

comment posted by sonic_ray on 21 October

comment #7

Thanks alot man, hey any idea on when the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl OST comes out? from what iv seen (or heard rather) the music is awesome in it, I Must Rock To It!

comment posted by Arkz on 21 October

comment #8

i'll keep an eye out sylver, thanks

comment posted by NightsB on 23 October

comment #9

speaking about sega the homestar portable soundtrack is simply beautiful. i've never heard some pure and magical musics like these. wonder who is the composer cause he just did a great job.
hopefully they'll release a cd for this one. too good

comment posted by Sylver on 23 October

comment #10

no problem
ancient sky (which is featured on the website) is one of the best btw

comment posted by Sylver on 24 October

comment #11

Woo, PSU!

I've been waiting for this forever, thank you soooo much. And, since it seems as if you might join the fray online, what system will/have you bought PSU for? *prays Godai says PS2/PC*

Great soundtrack. Now I have something more adventurous to listen to on the bus ride home.

comment posted by Rein on 26 October

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