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Rare oldies!

Here's something we don't do as often anymore with the never ending influx of new VGM releases...an old (and rare) album release.

Falcom Neo Classic From Studios In London City
This album, from 1992, features famous Falcom selections performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and arranged by Takayuki Hattori.

Game Music Concert -The Best Selection-
The famous "Game Music Concert" series.  This album, from 1991, features a selection of VGM performed by the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra.

Super Metroid "Sound In Action"
This rare gem from 1994 features music from "Metroid" and "Super Metroid", as well as a few arranged tracks by Yoshiyuki Ito and Masumi Ito.


posted by Godai on 23 October


comment #1

Super Metroid! At last :D

comment posted by Sabreman on 23 October

comment #2

Woot, Game Music Concert! Beautiful release! Thanks!

comment posted by ashmountains on 23 October

comment #3

Thank You

comment posted by Arkz on 23 October

comment #4

Finally a decent VBR version of Super Metroid Sound in Action. Ty!

comment posted by aclors on 23 October

comment #5

All I can say is: Thank you, sincerely. Old albums ripped better are a great idea.

comment posted by EGO on 23 October

comment #6

I've been looking for Super Metroid for ages! lol Thank you so much~ T_T

comment posted by V on 23 October

comment #7

You guys are clearly the best in the business...what rare memories given back...thank you! :)

comment posted by Solidius on 23 October

comment #8

Probably the best release for a very long time. Great Work!

comment posted by Michael Corleone on 23 October

comment #9

I bought Falcom Neo Classic last year along with Special Box '92 (which possesses Disc 2, some of the best Falcom/Legend of Heroes arranges yet) for a good deal. I failed in contributing Neo Classic but I can supply Special Box '92 if you want. If so, drop me a message.

comment posted by XISMZERO on 23 October

comment #10

Wow, you guys are on a roll. Thanks!

comment posted by Nathan on 23 October

comment #11

Great, oldies are always welcome :)

comment posted by liquid on 23 October

comment #12

MORE RARE STUFF PLEASE! ;) Like the Street Fighter (SNES) Osts

comment posted by Michael Corleone on 24 October

comment #13


comment posted by Richard on 24 October

comment #14

The RSS downloaded this for me and I was checking out for something to listen to and saw this and went OMG !! WTF !! YES !!

Great addition! Thank you! Now I have a better copy of this.

comment posted by Sir VG on 24 October

comment #15

For the record, there was never a published Street Fighter soundtrack for the SFC/SNES games.

comment posted by XISMZERO on 24 October

comment #16

I think he meant Street Fighter II really, basically it's the same music anyway.........

Great releases, your best this year!

comment posted by Freezard on 24 October

comment #17

mmm orchestral falcom music. *FAP FAP FAP*

comment posted by Sirus on 24 October

comment #18

more and more please game music concert !

comment posted by setr on 24 October

comment #19

Great albums! Especialy first disc of Falcom Neo Classic! I love this "colourfull" symphonic music! Not so good as Sorcerian Symphony but still fantastic:)! Thanks!

comment posted by Herbaciak on 24 October

comment #20

the metroid is hard to find.


a godai if you ever need anymore official releases give me a shout

comment posted by darkphantom on 25 October

comment #21

Excellent classics release. You should do these more often. Especially because I have a number of requests. :P

comment posted by Ramza on 25 October

comment #22

I really like the first cd of the falcom music collection but i dont understand why they have the practice cd. I really like the Super Metroid one though :)

comment posted by Sirus on 25 October

comment #23

You'll be forever in my heart for doing this release. Game Music Concert + Metroid = I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

comment posted by Etheo on 25 October

comment #24

"Not so good as Sorcerian Symphony but still fantastic:)!"

But Sorcerian Symphony is probably the best album ever ;)

Great release.

comment posted by Jimmy Somerville on 25 October

comment #25

Hi, Godai, great release! :)

I think there's a problem with Falcom Neo Classic, though: track 203, "From the Petrified Village", skips a bit in the last minute. I wonder if anyone else noticed it.

I just love Falcom music. And I was pleasantly surprised to find out Jun Irie worked on this album. Very reminiscent of the Nazo┬▓ work in older Konami albums. :D

comment posted by Parn on 25 October

comment #26

Neat-o! Much obliged, as usual!

..but my ISP is going to be furious with me! I'm well above my monthly limit, and have been since the first week!

comment posted by thunderleg on 26 October

comment #27

More archive packs soon? *puppy eyes*

comment posted by lohengrin on 26 October

comment #28

"But Sorcerian Symphony is probably the best album ever" - You can say it again!:D

comment posted by Herbaciak on 26 October

comment #29

Great release, but it would be better to put the composer or arranger in the artist tag rather than a whole orchestra.

comment posted by Mhw on 26 October

comment #30

Parn > Yep, I noticed that too, from 3'53" until the end there are blanks. :-/

Anyway, that's a great release. Thanks very much Godai ! :)

comment posted by Yeo Wren on 26 October

comment #31

According to Kibbas, those "skips" are on the original CD...so don't blame us!

comment posted by Godai on 29 October

comment #32

Nice game music concert! I suggest all sets of Orchestral Game Concert Vol. 1/5 will be released in the future!

Overall, great classic stuff!

comment posted by Rama on 01 November

comment #33

Rama, do you have any idea how difficult it is to come across the OGC albums?? The actual releases, I mean, not the oft-flawed bootleg copies.

Although I agree it would be nice. ;)

comment posted by Moguta on 02 November

comment #34

I've been looking for that Metroid soundtrack forever! I do have one question though, are the sound effects sprinkled through some of the songs there on the original cd too? I know how the Alarm is actually part of the escape song, but some of them have jumping, getting hit, or door opening sound effects. Also, the recordings seem to cut off the very beginning of the songs. I really don't have a problem with it, it just makes me wonder. All of that pertains to the original Metroid portion of the soundtrack.

comment posted by Warkboy on 06 November

comment #35

I saw this and was amazed that this was availiable.. however, there seem to be no seeders on the torrent. Anyone willing to seed?

comment posted by Alai on 13 August

comment #36

Hello sorry if this is super old but can somebody seed this because I don't have the 1st game music collection one...

comment posted by serabii on 19 August

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