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Ye Olde Mixed Bag!

Here is a mish-mash of VGM!  Armored Core Last Raven Original Soundtrack, Armored Core Nexus Original Soundtrack, Dragon Quest VII Eden no Senshitachi Symphonic Suite, Growlanser V Generations Soundtrack and Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire Original Music Soundtrack!  Some old, some new, some Sierra.

posted by Godai on 15 November


comment #1

Woa.. thx Godai! AC series!! Keep it UP!! =)

comment posted by D on 15 November

comment #2

Thanks! Especially for the Dragon Quest VII suite.

comment posted by Muzza on 15 November

comment #3

Awesome! But didn't you release DQVII already? Anyway, thank you!

comment posted by EGO on 15 November

comment #4

Sweet work. Hope everyone checks these out, they're all good albums. I loved Quest For Glory V as a kid, and the Growlanser V soundtrack is fantastic (probably the best thing about the game...)

comment posted by Ramza on 15 November

comment #5

EGO: The Dragon Quset VII Symphonic album is the same one that's apart of the 2-disc DQVII OST+SS, except this release has one new song that wasn't included in that set. So, it's definitely worth picking up.

comment posted by bishop743 on 15 November

comment #6

great job, but there is one album i don't find anywhere, Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner Guide Book with Original Sound Tracks.

it is a very rare item ?

you are the best :)

comment posted by zikgame man on 15 November

comment #7

I can't say thanks enough, you know I love your devotion to bring this wonderful music to our ears, and your fire for game music, which deserves all the attention it gets. Thanks a lot my friends =)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 15 November

comment #8

Thank you so very much for the The Dragon Quset VII Symphonic :)

now if only I could find SVWC-7252 DQ IV

comment posted by |-_-|R on 16 November

comment #9

AC stuff is awesome! More of that please XD

comment posted by Typhoeus on 16 November

comment #10

to zikgame man:::

I've purchased the Monster Kingdom Guide Book with OST and it should be to me soon. I heard it only has 3 songs on it though. We'll see!

comment posted by Ramza on 17 November

comment #11


comment posted by lpxws on 19 November

comment #12

to Ramza :))

you are a lucky man, i don't find anywhere.

comment posted by zikgame man on 23 November

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