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Ridge Racer 7

For those of you out there who enjoy the music of "Ridge Racer", I have just completed my own personal recording of the "Global Music Sampler" from the PS3 game via line-in recording.  There is a "Net Disc" also, which is not accessible at the moment.  It seems you can buy additional songs from the PlayStation Store at a later time.  When that time comes, I will most likely record more songs (if an OST isn't released).

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

P.S. - If I see any comments with the "RIIIIIIIIDGE RACER" (overused) joke, they will be promptly deleted. :)

posted by Godai on 20 November


comment #1

Great, now I can finally hear what the PS3's hardware is capable of sound-wise. Thanks for the recording, Godai! (oh, and thanks for the joke ban; I feel the same way about it)

comment posted by Muzza on 20 November

comment #2

I second the thanks on the joke ban. But most of all, thanks for ripping this music! Unfortunately, I didn't have the patience(or money hehe) to wait in line for the PS3 this year.

comment posted by BlueNocturne on 20 November

comment #3

Congrats on getting a PS3.

comment posted by TheZen on 20 November

comment #4

What's the origin of the joke? Why do people keep saying it?

comment posted by mazoboom on 20 November

comment #5

Nice. Now if only Namco would get around to releasing soundtrack CDs for both 6 & 7....

comment posted by Anonymous Coward on 20 November

comment #6


comment posted by Arkz on 20 November

comment #7

Great stuff Godai, thanks a lot. Definitely going to enjoy this. I think the origin of the joke is the voiceover during the title screen of the very first Ridge Racer on Playstation. If I remember correctly, at the title screen, a voice over screaming "Riiiidge racer" comes up. I can't remember if they used that voice over for any of the other Ridge Racer games. I'm guessing it was a one time thing. What was I saying again?

Oh yeah. Awesome stuff, Godai. :D

comment posted by Blizzje on 20 November

comment #8

Thanks for this, Godai.
I was tempted to do it myself for a while, but in the end apathy prevailed and it never happened.

mazoboom - the joke came about from Sony's E3 presentation given by Kaz Hirai, during which he whipped out a PSP playing Ridge Racer (via emulation), and he said "Hey folks, remember this one? It's Ridge Racer." There was no reaction, so he then said, "Riiiiiiiidge Racerrrrrr". From then on, it became an overused joke on any game-related forum.

comment posted by JR on 20 November

comment #9

Thank you.

comment posted by ffmusicdj on 20 November

comment #10

The "Riiiidge Racer" voiceover is featured in any rr game I played. But it actually refers to something else - Sony's embarassing E3 press conference this year. There were a lot of statements by Sony execs that did not really come out right. Everyone expected Sony to show off the real killer app, and they were talking about "real time weapons changing" (like that was something totally new), "flipping over giant enemy crabs for massive damage", and announcing the big game, which turned to be out Ridge Racer 7. Not that I don't like Ridge Racer, but with its 7th incarnation it hardly qualifies as a revolutionary title that needs a new console. And they announced it using the famous "Riiiiiiiidge Racer" slogan.

There is a clip on youtube, that is 1 minute long and contains the "highlights": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJElsNaC6yQ

But I really recommend watching the full conference because it was a joke.

comment posted by Emil on 20 November

comment #11

It's Ridge Racer!


Comment was deleted.

comment posted by xybur on 20 November

comment #12

Fantastic post; great quality rip & awesome tracks.
Also, the first rip of RR7 available on the intertubes!!
Go Go Go GODAI!!

comment posted by Alcahest on 20 November

comment #13

Thanks a lot Godai. Huge fan of Ridge Racer music, hoping Ayako Saso did at least two tracks on this.

Anyway, congratulations on getting a PS3, hope you weren't one of the guys paying $900+ for it on Ebay.

comment posted by Antignition on 20 November

comment #14

Great work.

Thank you for sharing this personal project.

Riiiiding to my playlist right now.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 21 November

comment #15

Awesome music, thanks!

comment posted by Echo1 on 21 November

comment #16

Many thanks!! Thanks for the patience and work.

comment posted by Gynoug on 21 November

comment #17

Damn awesome man. RR music is my favorite: ] I was dissappointed with lack of Kohta takahashi tracks on this though. Hopefully its more like R4 than RR5.

comment posted by red_venom on 21 November

comment #18

brilliant upload - many thanks for this, it is really appreciated.

hopefully there is some brilliance from sanodg in this... his tracks are consistently awesome.

any chance of a rip of the special downloadable tracks for RR6 at all?

comment posted by magicianlord on 22 November

comment #19

When I get a 360 and RR6, I plan on ripping.

comment posted by Godai on 22 November

comment #20

My original post got deleted! ...sigh...it wasn't ALL "Riiidge Racer." There was also the classic Genji 2 joke:

"Set in Historical Japan...here you fight a giant enemy crab...attack its weakpoint for MASSIVE DAMAGE."

comment posted by Ramza on 22 November

comment #21

Thank you Godai, I really appreciate this, although I'm looking more forward to Twilight Princess marvelous soundtrack. Keep up the good work my friends, and may the light shine forth for many years to come.

comment posted by Gameguardian on 23 November

comment #22

THANK YOU SO MUCH! (Yes, I'm THAT happy)

comment posted by Silent J on 23 November

comment #23

Godai: I already have ripped the soundtrack of RR6. It is not a line in recording but I extracted the files directly from the gamedisc. But they are not tagged at all - only numbered files. I can upload the music if you want.

comment posted by Emil on 24 November

comment #24

the RR6 game disc music files exist already on galbadia hotel.
the ones i want are the new downloadable tracks (inc 'Divas' and 'Deep Resonance') from marketplace.
would be excellent if someone could rip and post those ones.

comment posted by magicianlord on 24 November

comment #25

Magicianlord: I did not download any of the songs because it adds up to quite a sum of ms points. Maybe I will download one song and see if I can access it. If I can I just might download all of them.

comment posted by Emil on 24 November

comment #26

Oh well, 41 tracks at 80 points each is too expansive for me to be honest. Actually I don't even have that much ms points right now.

comment posted by Emil on 24 November

comment #27

most of those tracks have been used previously in the RR series.
the new, previously unused tracks are numbers 31 to 41, from 'Deep Resonance' to 'Time Compression'.
i have the tracks already on my Xbox 360 HDD but sadly don't know how to pull them.

comment posted by magicianlord on 25 November

comment #28


comment posted by darkphantom on 27 November

comment #29

Fantastic, besides this rip rocks, it's quite clean. Sounds pretty much like optical rip. Probably it is.

...Hurray for downloadable R Racing evolution songs

comment posted by Bakke on 29 November

comment #30

Remember this? Ridge Racer music really rocks!

comment posted by Mahew on 02 December

comment #31

finally i´ve been waitin´ for ever this ost, thanks!

comment posted by scion_b on 06 December

comment #32

here's an unofficial cover i made:
feel free to imbed into your mp3s!


comment posted by marsx on 29 October

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