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Here we have the two "Blue Dragon" singles, Eternity | Nobuo Uematsu with Ian Gillan and Watashi no Mizu to Sora | Ayako Kawasumi along with Hyakutaro Tsukumo's HAGANEBUSHI which is an arrange album to the PlayStation / Saturn game "Koutetsu Ryouiki Steeldom".  Finally, Square Enix's latest entry, Project Sylpheed Original Soundtrack, featuring music by Kenichiro Fukui, Junya Nakano, Kumi Tanioka, Takahiro Nishi and Keigo Ozaki.

posted by Godai on 11 December


comment #1

Hmm..an interesting selection. I'm rather curious to try the Tecnosoft arrange album. Thank you!

comment posted by FMsaziri on 11 December

comment #2


(Read: Thanks for Sylpheed. Hoping for Einhander-type awesomeness)

comment posted by Judge on 11 December

comment #3

Sylpheed and Blue Dragon--You are golden, Godai!

comment posted by jeriaska on 11 December

comment #4

Thanks , and I wait with passion Blue Dragon ost here ,
and i hope you will be the 1st. So you know... :-)

comment posted by Younes on 11 December

comment #5

Thanks for great releases, though still wishing for Pink Sweets ana hopefully also Gradius Tribute (soon).

One question though: Are you sure that the Technosodt game you are referring to is "Koutetsu Ryouiki Steeldom" and not "Kotetsu Reiki: Steeldom?" That's how it shows up on GameFAQs.

comment posted by aclors on 11 December

comment #6


Although I know nothing about this game, based on dictionary lookups "kotetsu" can mean "Steel" while "ryouiki" can mean "area" or "domain", which fit the subtitle "Steeldom" well. "Reiki" may be a misreading of the kanji on other sites' part.

comment posted by urutapu on 12 December

comment #7

awesome. I should be getting the blue dragon ost for christmas but these singles should hold me over till then.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 12 December

comment #8


Im rather fond of orchestral soundtracks, are any of the albums within this torrent of that nature or are they more techno/dance type music?

By the way excellent site

comment posted by bauer on 12 December

comment #9

Sylpheed was great. With the new spelling, was it still meant to be part of the old series, or something different? Either way, quite well done.

comment posted by Kei on 12 December

comment #10

The music form Sylpheed was quite amazing! Sadly I don't have an Xbox 360, or else I would've bought that game immediately =) Anyway, as always big thanks! As for the others, well, Sylpheed's OST kicked their butts =)

comment posted by Gameguardian on 12 December

comment #11

Project Sylpheed AT LAST!! Thank you!!!!!

comment posted by superDioplus on 12 December

comment #12

Holy--It's Jesus singing a song composed by Uematsu!

comment posted by mazoboom on 12 December

comment #13

"Eternity | Nobuo Uematsu with Ian Gillan"...Ian Gillan form DEEP PURPLE???...OMG!...Downloading!

comment posted by Fidizila on 12 December

comment #14

Project Sylpheed Original Soundtrack
Track 12 - 7th Special Operation Wing "Night Ravens"

If Nakano keeps putting songs out like this s/he'll soon become one of my favorite composers.

I've only listened to this soundtrack so far, and even then only the first 15 tracks, but I am very pleased with it, especially with the track mentioned above.

Once again, a hearty thank you to #gamemp3s, for releasing great soundtracks I definitely would have looked over otherwise.

comment posted by Antignition on 12 December

comment #15

^Nakano's a man, just s you know.

comment posted by urutapu on 12 December

comment #16

Thanks , and I wait with passion Blue Dragon ost here ,
and i hope you will be the 1st. So you know… :-)

Comment by Younes — December 11 @ 7:05 PM

------ it's all over hubs already, totally not the first. But they *were* the first I've seen to get both singles out. Wild ARMs Vth single...? that'd be good too. :P

comment posted by Ramza on 12 December

comment #17

That song form Nobuo ... what happened?

comment posted by ffmusicdj on 13 December

comment #18

Eternity sucks very very much! I hate this kind of music. I feel bad when I hear it. Uematsu is getting worse and worse( damn U Black Mages!), I hope that OST will be better... wait! It can't be worse hehe:D! This song is real crap for me, but it's just the matter of liking or not liking this kind of music, right?

comment posted by Herbaciak on 13 December

comment #19

Thanks for this release. Very much looking forward to some new Kenichiro Fukui.

comment posted by Metaly on 13 December

comment #20

haven't downloaded yet until the weekend, but i hope there is an instrumental ver of eternity >

comment posted by bayne on 14 December

comment #21

Great song! Eternity rocks!

comment posted by Fidizila on 14 December

comment #22

Sorry, but Eternity rules. Uematsu kick ass when doing rock 'n' roll / metal songs. I can't wait for Black Mages 3! \o/

comment posted by APC on 19 December

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