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The Return of Uematsu

Here is Mistwalker's first soundtrack, composed by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu, Blue Dragon Original Soundtrack!

posted by Godai on 14 December


comment #1


Great release!!

comment posted by Rein on 14 December

comment #2


comment posted by jeriaska on 14 December

comment #3

*please let this be better than the Eternity single, PLEASE let this be better than the Eternity single*

comment posted by Cloudcent on 14 December

comment #4

lmao. The eternity single wasnt THAT bad...just think if it was hip hop like those star ocean 3 songs.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 14 December

comment #5

Eternity single was great! Downloading the OST too!

comment posted by Fidizila on 14 December

comment #6

nice one.

sounds a LOT like Uematsu's previous Final Fantasy work

comment posted by magicianlord on 14 December

comment #7

I'm listening to it right now and I think it's preety good score. I found that I missed Uematsu a bit:)... but BAD BUT BAT is too hardcore for me;D.

comment posted by Herbaciak on 14 December

comment #8

YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS , you did it GODAI, and I knew that you will be the 1st
sooooo thanks for this awaiting releas .

comment posted by Younes on 14 December

comment #9

So, it's a very good one. What you think? It looks a little bit like Final Fantasy VII for me xD Hear the track with the name A Lamenting Bell Toll, you will feel like playing Final Fantsy VII xD

Great Release!! Thanks again =]

comment posted by Pedrin on 14 December

comment #10

We love you Godai!!! Thanks for all.

comment posted by Xenogear on 14 December

comment #11


AWESOME TRACK by the legendary ian gilian

comment posted by kingx11 on 15 December

comment #12

Incredible Nobuo the best Greetings from spain

comment posted by Rggyasunori on 15 December

comment #13

The final track, the arranged version of Waterside, is amazing, but there appears to be some strange feedback or something towards the end of the track. Does anyone have a clean version of it, or a better rip?

comment posted by Tabris on 18 December

comment #14

Just awesome. Uematsu, the man, the legend....great work men. Excellent rip. :)

comment posted by Xeno on 21 December

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