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Pay Tribute

Gradius Tribute that is!  I am going away for a week or so, and by some cruel twist of fate Portable Ops soundtrack is not in my hands, so it will have to wait.  If I have access to broadband while on my trip, I might be able to do a release when Portable Ops does show up...til then enjoy some "Gradius"!

posted by Godai on 21 December


comment #1


comment posted by Metaly on 21 December

comment #2

Thank you so much. Beside some other favorites, Gradius music is absolutely one of the best regarding game music, and this, as always, is very much obliged. And if we won't talk before, then happy holidays to you all!!!

comment posted by Gameguardian on 21 December

comment #3

Another great release...Gradius and Kukeiha Club...amazing

comment posted by Fidizila on 21 December

comment #4

Any Gradius music is always appreciated. (Still hoping for Pink Sweets, though. :()

comment posted by aclors on 21 December

comment #5

Yay, Gradius! As much as I love Gradius music, the arrange albums haven't really appealed to me. This seems like a good one, though. I haven't listened to the whole thing, but I'm really enjoying the Gradius II Medley right now. Challenger 1985 was beautiful, and I loved the first track. Burning Heat raised my eyebrow several times though, there's this one note that just sounds wrong and they repeat it over and over. Still, it's a different take on the classic, I guess.

comment posted by Toma on 21 December

comment #6

YES! You guys rule! Like Aclors up there though, I was hoping this would be packed along with the Pink Sweets OST. Oh well, Thanks a million, guys!

comment posted by Stonder on 21 December

comment #7

Awwww yer leaving? Nawwwww!!! if you do get a chance the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl OST is out on 22nd, been waiting ages for that one!

comment posted by Arkz on 21 December

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