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A Very Metal Gear Christmas!

Godai here, on the road, doing the Christmas thing, had a few hours...so here is Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Original Soundtrack!  Merry Christmas from #gamemp3s!

posted by Godai on 24 December


comment #1

Yay! It's a miracle at #gamemp3s ^_^

comment posted by e4 on 24 December

comment #2

It is a miracle, I'm seeding this off some random persons unprotected wireless network... that being said, speeds are half of what they'd normally be for me at home, so bear with me.

comment posted by Godai on 24 December

comment #3

I'm eternally grateful to you guys as is, but Castlevania, Gradius and MGS music in rapid succession makes a Konami fan particularly happy. =) Many thanks for this and all of your releases, everyone.

comment posted by James Burton on 24 December

comment #4

#gamemp3s. Merry Christmas~!THX~!

comment posted by D on 24 December

comment #5

Thanks very much!

comment posted by KyoSquall on 24 December

comment #6

Hahaha, the single seed disappeared for me. I wonder if some random person caught on?

Thanks for this release, by the way. I enjoy a lot of Mr. Hibino's stuff (except for the smooth jazz).

comment posted by Metaly on 24 December

comment #7

Yes, I dropped off for a bit there, I'm back on now though, hopefully it will last.

comment posted by Godai on 24 December

comment #8

Thanks Godai
Merry Christmas Gamemp3s ^^

comment posted by RyuFAN on 24 December

comment #9

Thanks a lot for this Xmas present Godai. Merry Christmas to you and everyone @ gamemp3s.

comment posted by Man_s on 24 December

comment #10

You're truly having the MEtal Gear experience.

Now all you need is for your random host to send Genome FCC thugs after you.

Thank you for the time spent in getting us these awesome tunes.

Can't wait for MGS:PO.

Have an incredible Christmas!

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 24 December

comment #11

Thanks a lot Godai and merry christmas to you and everyone else!

comment posted by liquid on 24 December

comment #12

Yay, Christmas comes a day early this year! Thanks, and happy holidays to you and the rest of the gang. :)

comment posted by ZK on 24 December

comment #13

Merry Christmas to you all! You help expand my vgm collection, and that's a good enough Christmas present for me. ^^

comment posted by animetayl on 24 December

comment #14

thanks GODAI.

comment posted by Younes on 24 December

comment #15


comment posted by Lacan on 24 December

comment #16

Merry ChristmaQuanzaHannaDan to all of you. thnx Godai!

comment posted by Shin Ein on 24 December

comment #17

Thanks for the release. Love the theme song. I know i cant go wrong with metal gear music. Merry Christmas and Happy Gaming to all.

comment posted by Sirusjr on 24 December

comment #18

Merry Christmas!! ^_^

comment posted by Raphael on 25 December

comment #19

woo Metal Gear music :o

comment posted by zerojad on 26 December

comment #20

Hi there, anyone have direct download link (rapidshare or others?)

I am from Asia and since Taiwan earthquake recently it damage the underwater submarine cable thus making almost whole Asia have slow connection. Thus i believe torrent might not working now...

Any helps?

Thanks in advance

comment posted by Pulantai on 28 December

comment #21

Thank you! I've been looking for this! A great Soundtrack for a Great game! XD

comment posted by arcsy on 29 December

comment #22

it's like almost a year later.. but can anyone seed for a short time? haha thanks for the time!

comment posted by Naska on 12 September

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