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Armored Core & Shin Sangokumusou = Gundam Musou Preview?

A couple more releases from the road, Armored Core 4 Original Soundtrack and Shin Sangokumusou BB Original Soundtrack! The first is the music from the PS3 game and the second is the music from the online incarnation of "Dynasty Warriors". Enjoy!

posted by Godai on 27 December


comment #1

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

comment posted by AC4 on 27 December

comment #2

Thxs! Happy new year!
ps: will MGS 4 to be release?

comment posted by D on 27 December

comment #3

Yay and thanks!

comment posted by Insp. Chin on 27 December

comment #4

MASA back in action? Perhaps more so than his lack of appearance on Rocking Heart.

comment posted by XISMZERO on 27 December

comment #5

Very cool...

Hey Godai sorry to go off topic here but I heard from some other site that you had done a rip of wii sports. I tried downloading it but the link had expired. Any chance of posting a new link? I'm itching to hear that tennis victory song...

comment posted by Vlad on 27 December

comment #6

Vlad have you asked the same question in the Chat. Some people might have what you are looking for.

Besides that, thanks again Godai for providing us with some piece of music. My i-pod owns you a lot.

comment posted by Sanuku on 28 December

comment #7

Vlad, you can find my rips at http://godai.kg13.com/

Which site did you hear about the rip on?

comment posted by Godai on 29 December

comment #8

Godai, thanks a million. Here is the link to where I heard that you had done a rip of Wii Sports.


comment posted by Vlad on 29 December

comment #9

Armored Core 4 is so win...I'll be seeding this a while

comment posted by Typhoeus on 29 December

comment #10

Hey, Godai.

Um just asking. Nintendo DS Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Super Music Collection was released a few days ago, so just hoping you're releasing it since I'm broke at the moment. :D;

comment posted by urutapu on 31 December

comment #11

As of yet, nobody has bought it, so I can't release it.

comment posted by Godai on 31 December

comment #12

Same question as #10, but regarding Pink Sweets.

Also, Happy New Year everybody!

comment posted by Judge on 01 January

comment #13

Same answer. Happy New Year!

comment posted by Godai on 01 January

comment #14

I have had Pink Sweets ordered at Play-Asia since way before it's Dec. 4th release. However, Play-Asia hasn't stocked it. If I don't get a copy, I'm gonna be pissed.

comment posted by bishop743 on 01 January

comment #15

Hilarious pictures! XD

comment posted by animetayl on 03 January

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