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I forgot Zelda!

Guess I should have put this in with "Castlevania", would have been a nice one-two promo CD combo, oh well.  The title of this album is misleading, it's only 6 tracks at 13 minutes.

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

posted by Godai on 30 November

Twenty years of Castlevania.

Celebrating 20 years of "Castlevania", Konami has provided a great preorder bonus for the lastest "Castlevania" game, "Portrait of Ruin" for the Nintendo DS.  This bonus includes this 37 track CD, featuring music from many "Castlevania" titles.  New to this CD are 4 tracks from "Portrait of Ruin", music is by Michiru Yamane and Yuzo Koshiro.

posted by Godai on 30 November

Ridge Racer 7

For those of you out there who enjoy the music of "Ridge Racer", I have just completed my own personal recording of the "Global Music Sampler" from the PS3 game via line-in recording.  There is a "Net Disc" also, which is not accessible at the moment.  It seems you can buy additional songs from the PlayStation Store at a later time.  When that time comes, I will most likely record more songs (if an OST isn't released).

edit: Download link removed for some reason!

P.S. - If I see any comments with the "RIIIIIIIIDGE RACER" (overused) joke, they will be promptly deleted. :)

posted by Godai on 20 November


A small little update in the form of, MOTHER 3+, points for "Pollyanna" and "Snowman" arranges.


posted by Godai on 17 November

Ye Olde Mixed Bag!

Here is a mish-mash of VGM!  Armored Core Last Raven Original Soundtrack, Armored Core Nexus Original Soundtrack, Dragon Quest VII Eden no Senshitachi Symphonic Suite, Growlanser V Generations Soundtrack and Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire Original Music Soundtrack!  Some old, some new, some Sierra.

posted by Godai on 15 November


I have time to do a radio show tonight, so if you are available, please tune in at 12am EST.


posted by Godai on 11 November

Oh no! I got the Bumpy Trots! Ughhhh…

A big update tonight folks, some old and some new.

First off we have Bumpy Trot Original Soundtracks, or as it's known in North America, "Steambot Chronicles". Funny name aside, it's got some nice tunes.

Next is Gokumakaimura Original Soundtrack, which is "Ultimate Ghosts 'n' Goblins" here, this one is for the PSP.

The next pair are shmup soundtracks that were bundled in with INH's "Insanity" DVDs. They are, Ibara Remix Tracks and Raiden III Perfect Sound Track. You gotta love the shmup music, I sure do.

Finally, we have Ridge Racers 2 Direct Audio, also for the PSP, another outing from nanosounds and SuperSweep, always good stuff. Enjoy it all! Have a nice weekend.

posted by Godai on 10 November


Here is the newest "Rockman" album, Rockman ZX Soundtrack -ZX TUNES-!  We'll get around to releasing "Physis" sometime... :)


posted by Godai on 04 November

#gamemp3s on PSU

Check out some of the gang as we pose in front of the fountain at Clyez City:

(Left to right)
Brando = me
Vakkie = Godai
Nobuo = cubex
Tensiku = Fei

PSU screenshot #1

and here I am trying out some smooth moves:

PSU screenshot #2

Finally, here's another shot of us doing random poses:

PSU screenshot #3

More to come, maybe we'll even see you online!

posted by Msia on 27 October

Rare oldies!

Here's something we don't do as often anymore with the never ending influx of new VGM releases...an old (and rare) album release.

Falcom Neo Classic From Studios In London City
This album, from 1992, features famous Falcom selections performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and arranged by Takayuki Hattori.

Game Music Concert -The Best Selection-
The famous "Game Music Concert" series.  This album, from 1991, features a selection of VGM performed by the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra.

Super Metroid "Sound In Action"
This rare gem from 1994 features music from "Metroid" and "Super Metroid", as well as a few arranged tracks by Yoshiyuki Ito and Masumi Ito.


posted by Godai on 23 October

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