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U.N. Squadron

Another pair of releases tonight, Area 88 Original Soundtrack and The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC & SC Super Arrange Version.

"Area 88" features the original arcade soundtrack, as well as the Super Famicom version, classic stuff.

posted by Godai on 22 October

For “a” Brighter Day

Another big release tonight, FOR BRIGHTER DAY Phantasy Star Universe Original Sound Track!  Celebrating the release of the game, here is the three-disc soundtrack.  "PSU" features Hideaki Kobayashi, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani, TAI-HEY and Seirou Okamoto.  See you on "PSU"!

posted by Godai on 20 October

LocoRoco… O_o

"LocoRoco" really is loco.  I'm describing it as "Katamari" on crack, I chose crack because it is addictive, and the songs on here kind of are.  With that, here are tonights albums, LocoRoco's Song -LocoRoco Original Soundtrack- and Xanadu Next Original Sound Track.  "Xanadu Next" finally gets an official CD release, after only being available in digital form for a couple of months now.  Enjoy!

posted by Godai on 19 October

Time to play catch up…

The site is back and it's time to get the ball rolling.  Tonight, it's Gyakuten Saiban Orchestra Album ~Gyakuten Saiban Meets Orchestra~ and Radirgy Perfect Sound Track.

Thanks for the kind words also folks.

posted by Godai on 18 October

Only I am crazy enough to…

....release something on my wedding day! Here is Motoi Sakuraba Live 2006 -Valkyrie Profile 2-! Awesome album, huge Sakuraba fan that I am. Enjoy it!


posted by Godai on 07 October

A Morsel

I've been busy this week and haven't had a lot of time to deal with the usual stream of new albums to release, but I had a little free time today and am making the newly released Wild Arms Music the Best -rocking heart- album available! This is the second "Music the Best" album from the RPG series, "Wild Arms". While the last one featured piano arrangements, this one, as the name suggests, features rock arrangements.

The most notable arranger here is probably Ryo Yonemitsu, who has worked on several Falcom titles. MASA of "Shin Sangokumusou" fame also is a guest guitarist on one of the tracks...enjoy!


posted by Godai on 05 October

Three little piggies

Last night was one big release...and here are three little ones, Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA V-Rare Soundtrack-8 USA, Nanosweep.3 and Rule of Rose ~ Songs from the Original Soundtrack.

Three (okay maybe two) very different styles of music are presented in these three mini-albums, please enjoy them to their fullest!

posted by Godai on 24 September

Metal Slug Complete Sound Box

Here is the Metal Slug Complete Sound Box, compiling the soundtracks from "Metal Slug" 1~6, "Metal Slug X" and "Metal Slug 3D".  Also features and arranged track by Mitsuhiro Kaneda.  Download and celebrate the 10th anniversary of "Metal Slug"!

posted by Godai on 23 September

Accolades! #1000!

Not what I had planned, that somewhat special album I had mentioned in the podcast is still forthcoming, and I couldn't hold back the torrent (not BitTorrent!) of new releases, so here you have Final Fantasy III Original Soundtrack and Front Mission Online Original Soundtrack.  "FFIII" is, of course, the DS version.

posted by Godai on 21 September

Almost there…

We're almost at the 1000 release milestone with tonight's 4-album update, including: Bullet Witch Original Soundtrack, Carnage Heart Portable Original Sound Track, Phantasy Star Universe Soundtrack CD and SAVE THIS WORLD Phantasy Star Universe Original Score!

The first two are from SuperSweep and the last two are, of course, from "Phantasy Star Universe". The "soundtrack" CD title is kind of misleading, it's not the full soundtrack, but the promo CD that was packed in with the game. The "score" is orchestral arrangements of some of the tracks from the game, performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic and Hollywood Session Orchestra. Look for the full 3-disc OST next month!

posted by Godai on 18 September

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