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#gamemp3s Archive Torrents: The Remix (#-A)

With the latest update to our tracker software I've decided to start up the Archive torrents again. Unlike the previous models, which cut off at July 2006, the new Archive torrents will include all of the albums from 2006.

Tonight's first update includes 51 albums from a variety of series such as: Ace Combat, Arc the Lad, Atelier Iris, and one of my favorite underrated albums of all time - Albert Odyssey Gaiden ~Legend of Eldean~. Enjoy.

posted by Msia on 12 January


comment #1

There wont be such a long wait between the archive torrents this time around, just be patient.

comment posted by Msia on 13 January

comment #2

Emil that is correct, but you could always help seed for the people who dont :). I believe there are only a handful of albums released after July 2006 with the letter A. With the start of a new year and installation of new tracker software, it just seemed logical to me to start this up again and get everyone who was interested on the same page.

comment posted by Msia on 13 January

comment #3

Starting back at A??? Come on, old archive torrents were blocked at C for too long. I'm desperate to finally get to D, what are you waiting for??? Geez...

comment posted by pleaseiwantthem on 13 January

comment #4

Much appreciated Klondike, thank you.

comment posted by Msia on 13 January

comment #5

Nice for the people who missed it :)...
Thanks for all the hard work!

Q: where are the other Akumajo Dracula albums? This torrent only have Curse of Darkness :( ...

comment posted by Zeta on 13 January

comment #6

The previous owner filed them under "D" for "Dracula", if you take a look at our Album List, you'll see what I mean.

comment posted by Godai on 13 January

comment #7

Good to hear the archives are coming again. Just to be clear: If I already downloaded the #-A Archive the first time and every release since July 2006 then I don't have to download this, am I correct?

comment posted by Emil on 13 January

comment #8

Emil: Correct.

comment posted by 108 on 13 January

comment #9

I'm happy to reseed these albums. I think it also makes the archive a little mentally easier to understand, "Everything through 2006" is simpler than "Everything through some point in July 2006".

comment posted by Klondike on 13 January

comment #10

Yeah good work scary how fast the time goes though... July. O_O

comment posted by Freezard on 13 January

comment #11

Only when you're old, Freezard... only when you're old...


comment posted by Mazinger on 13 January

comment #12

Looking forward to the -D- archive. :)

comment posted by animetayl on 14 January

comment #13

Works out for me, as I had just recently reformatted and didn't have the space to back up any of the #Gamemp3s (insert letter here) archives.

Can't seed at high speeds at all due to a router problem, but i'll keep it up for as long as I can.

It's pretty sad that I only see 15 seeds though, saw 100 leechers on the other day...guess some people don't give a damn about giving back to the community.

comment posted by Antignition on 15 January

comment #14

I missed it :(
Is there any chance I´ll be able to dowload it this year? Or do I have to wait for the next year?

comment posted by manga on 02 June

comment #15

Thanks for the archive! You made me very happy...

comment posted by Sinistral on 08 July

comment #16

You guys are amazing! Thank you very much.

comment posted by Larock on 27 September

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