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#gamemp3s Archive Torrents: The Remix (B)

The remix continues tonight with our second installment brought to you by the letter B. With 48 albums, fans of Baten Kaitos, Biohazard (Resident Evil), and Breath of Fire are definitely going to be happy. One of my favorite Square albums is also present - Brave Fencer Musashiden Original Soundtrack.

On a serious note, seeding is starting to become a real problem with these torrents. I am extremely grateful to a few who have been seeding, but to the rest of the leechers, please do not download this torrent if you do not plan on seeding. It is critical that these torrents have as many seeds as possible and if you dont plan on seeding at least the size of the torrent then dont bother downloading.

Edit: Some people have reported to me having issues downloading the torrent. I strongly recommend you use utorrent. Thanks.

posted by Msia on 16 January


comment #1

Edit: I've removed the last line, had some things on my mind and that was out of line and I apologize it's late here.

Anyways, the server overhaul was the major reason why we started over, but I also think a lack of cooperation was also at fault. Godai was working on the last archive torrents and he has a lot on his plate right now with things outside the realm of #gamemp3s. This is a project that I am taking on solo and I'm not making excuses, but it's going to take a group effort from all of us to get through the remaining 24 letters which I do have plans on but not without some help. Bottom line: please seed, thank you, and good night.

comment posted by Msia on 16 January

comment #2

Syl: I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad, I'm just asking for some additional help. It's going to be difficult but I know I can depend on the fanbase here and I'm just reaching out for some support.

comment posted by Msia on 16 January

comment #3

Also, Syl, I myself don't think it's bad at all, if you do like you do, select the parts you like to download and seed them. That helps too.

Still, I need a bigger hdd so I can start seeding these archives.

comment posted by Razakin on 16 January

comment #4

Volkov: Best of Thunderforce was released on 2007/1/7 so it is not included in this torrent just everything we've released up till 2006/12/31.

comment posted by Msia on 16 January

comment #5

The way you phrased that jab at the end, it's like you're implying it's *our* fault you never got around to posting the D-Z archives.

I thought that was because of the tracker overhaul, or whatever you called it this time.

comment posted by Judge on 16 January

comment #6

Totally understandable.

comment posted by Judge on 16 January

comment #7

You make me feel bad for just downloading the portions of the torrents i actually need and seeding those for a while, as opposed to downloading gigs upon gigs of stuff i'll simply delete later when i'm done.

Really, i feel bad for it now. =(

comment posted by Syl on 16 January

comment #8

The A - Z archive torrents is such a mega-cool idea, I thank you guys so much for it! With an apparent lack of being able to show my appreciation, I'd still like you guys to know how excited this makes me! Thank you for taking the time to bundle these all up. Please, take your time.

But really, is it ok with you guys if we just take the portion of the torrents that we don't have? I'd love to help out with as much seeding as I can, but this will really limit how much I can help. Nevertheless, I'll be sure to dose out a lot of extra seeding for ya guys.

Thanks again, gamemp3s crew!

comment posted by papa_haydn on 16 January

comment #9

Really appreciate it animetayl, Legeon, and DonMartione, thank you.

comment posted by Msia on 16 January

comment #10

I always seed as much as I download, but yeah, I always download only parts of the archives. I have limited drive space, but more than that, I have very limited bandwidth. So while I always try to make a point of giving back as much as I get, or even a little more, I simply cannot afford to download, much less seed, files I don't need.

comment posted by lohengrin on 16 January

comment #11

Depending on how many people download these archives, I'm sure there are plenty that download the entire torrent (myself included). Of course, those that do should by all means give what they take. If you don't, you're what's called 'greedy'.
I always make sure to seed everything I download to a ratio of at least 1. And for people that have limited bandwidth, there is such a thing as taking less and giving more. Maybe don't download a particular album until next month, and give back to the kind people at this site who spend hours of their time giving us what we like and want.
You can't be a taker and expect to take forever. Givers will end up getting fed up and quitting, and you don't want Gamemp3s to quit, now do you?

comment posted by animetayl on 16 January

comment #12

Don't worry about it Kei, I appreciate the effort and you don't have to stay away :).

comment posted by Msia on 16 January

comment #13

I had the previous one plus every update between then and now and there was 1 album i didnt have...
also Best of Thunder Force album wasnt in it...?

comment posted by Volkov on 16 January

comment #14

Naka: I should be ok for right now but I will let you know if something does come up, thank you. Many thanks to Keisatsu and Antignition as well.

comment posted by Msia on 16 January

comment #15

I'll seed as much as possible since I had most of this already, even though I have four other people who like to use the internet. Angry, violent people. Hopefully I can do this well enough without any of them turning it off when I'm out.

comment posted by Legeon on 16 January

comment #16

Thanks again for the torrents. I still have the #-A remix torrent open and uploading. I can only upload at about 40-50KB/sec but I'll leave this one open for another day or so before starting this new torrent.

comment posted by DonMartione on 16 January

comment #17

I've tried to seed when I DL, but nobody ever seems to connect to me after I'm finished. I've had my roommate go in and open various ports on the router (since he's a little bit of a dick about it and won't let me touch it), and it didn't change anything.... Are there any suggestions for this other than "stay away from our site"?

comment posted by Kei on 16 January

comment #18

I shall seed for As long a possible My friends.

comment posted by Keisatsu on 16 January

comment #19

Msia, if you need any of the albums let me know. I have a complete archive of everything you have ever released.

comment posted by Naka on 16 January

comment #20

I can usually only get to about 20kb/s upload, but I always wait (especially on the archive torrents) to get at least a 1.00 ratio before I stop seeding, so it all adds up in the end regardless.

I've actually been tempted to stop seeding, especially on the last archive, because everyone was just exploiting the seeders and giving nothing back in return. I personally don't like helping greedy bastards get their music any quicker. I hope the message in this torrent helps things a little bit.

Once again, thanks for the torrent and the effort, Msia.

comment posted by Antignition on 16 January

comment #21

Whee, archives! Since I'm low on space, I won't be able to download much, but I'll upload what I have instead.

I usually upload up to only 1:1 ratio on normal releases, but I stay longer for archives. The old 'A' archive went up to 8:1 =)

comment posted by ashmountains on 17 January

comment #22

I will seed if I've downloaded a release, everyone else should be seedin like the rest of us, plz, thank you

comment posted by Solidius on 18 January

comment #23

Alright, I'll seed this on one of my servers for a while.

comment posted by Blue Laguna on 18 January

comment #24

Xenogear: Yeah there was a simliar problem the last time, try using a different client such as utorrent.

comment posted by Msia on 20 January

comment #25

I have a problem with this torrent, maybe is the length of the route. I don´t know.
Is with BitComet and this program is the most stable in my case. I post the capture of the error if is possible to solve.


PD: I´m making one HDD only from OST and i share if is necessary. ;)

comment posted by Xenogear on 20 January

comment #26

Concerning the last post, I am having a similar problem! I copied the data to another hard drive, but I cannot delete sll of the files in the berserk folder! I can't delete, send to recycle bin, etc. I believe it is looking to delete a file that is not there. This is a problem though!

PS: I believe I had a problem similar to this before, but for getting the file mentioned above. That is when I switched over to Utorrent.

If it helps, I put many of the albums I already had back in the folder so it would only download what I didn't have. Please post if you have any idea how to fix this. Thanks so much!

comment posted by some guy on 25 January

comment #27

I'm trying to download this torrent... I'm getting the message that this torrent isn't associated with this tracker. Is this the issue you recommended using utorrent for, or something else?

I am asking because I am using a Linux computer. utorrent isn't supported by Linux; I CAN use it, however I'll need to download an emulator I don't have... and I don't have the permissions to install new software. I'm hoping this is another problem and can be fixed on your end so that I don't have to go through all that... :/

Thanks for your hard work, also! :D

comment posted by Joshua on 13 February

comment #28

Never mind! I see that there's nothin' there anymore. I'll be patient!

comment posted by Joshua on 13 February

comment #29

can sumone renew this torrent or something?

comment posted by SleepyHead on 07 March

comment #30

I'd be greatful if more people would seed the archive torrents

comment posted by Caper the Fox on 27 December

comment #31

Is there any chance the archives will come back?

comment posted by Coda on 14 August

comment #32

failure: info_hash not found in the database

comment posted by nejillicus on 30 March

comment #33

Hmm...uTorrent said this :

Failure: info_hash not found in the database

Any ideas?

comment posted by hmmh on 17 June

comment #34

Seed please :)

comment posted by almondstick on 15 December

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