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Getting Caught Up With Cave

Here is an album that came out last month that we finally managed to obtain and present:

PinkSweets Original Sound Track

Another great Cave shmup soundtrack featuring an arrange disc with such greats as, Shinji Hosoe, Ayasko Saso, Masaharu Iwata and S.S.H.!


posted by Godai on 22 January


comment #1


comment posted by Emil on 22 January

comment #2

Even worst than engrish: "italianish", for a lack of a better neologism. (Thank you!)

comment posted by FMsaziri on 22 January

comment #3

LOL. Well,actually, that's some of the most correct Italian I've ever seen in a Japanese production... all titles are grammatically correct, even if some of them are quite hilarious :)

As usual, thanks for the release.

comment posted by EGO on 22 January

comment #4


comment posted by aclors on 22 January

comment #5

Wow, I didn't even know Cave had made another Shoot-em-up! I'm saddened to see though, that they almost never reach USA and much less, Europe, where I come from. I miss shoot-em-ups and we haven't had a good one since Gradius V, whose music wasn't as good as other shmups. Be that as it may, that the schmups stay in Japan, the music is as rockin' as ever, and I thank you deeply gamemp3s for bringing this out to the light =)

/ Gameguardian

comment posted by Gameguardian on 22 January

comment #6

Was Gradius V released after Ikaruga? If not, then that was the good game since Gradius V. I never played Gradius V though, but Ikaruga is incredibly good.

comment posted by Emil on 22 January

comment #7

Great to see #gamemp3s. I've been loving this soundtrack for a good few weeks now. I think it's Cave's most accessible shmup to date and the original section is melodic and diverse. It's the arranged section that is simply excellent, though. Really elaborate arrangements and a good cast. I love all musicians involved, particularly Saso, Koshiro, SSH, and the three Basiscape dudes, and they don't disappoint here.

comment posted by Mr. Maul on 22 January

comment #8

Wow. SSH made really polished his tracks for this album. These aren't trash metal covers like his web site arrangements are. Three thumbs up!

comment posted by kirosana on 22 January

comment #9

My Pinksweets CD just came in the mail yesterday too.
Yeah, SSH's arrangements here are very enjoyable. As for the originals, I'd rather take Ibara or ESPGaluda I/II over the sugarpop candy anyday, but hey it's CAVE so I can't trashtalk.
P.S. Look around for the "Cave Love" Doujin C71 cd, and you'll be treated to more great arranges.

comment posted by Carl on 22 January

comment #10

Do I hear someone complaining about Tsukumo Hyakutaro and his love of powerful music? Personally, I think it's nice to hear something that isn't orchestral and trying to sound like Uematsu or Mitsuda, for once. I'd hate to see Hyakutaro and SSH go that route.

comment posted by Kei on 22 January

comment #11

Shinji Hosoe, S.S.H., Yuzo Koshiro, Masaharu Iwata... Can't ask for more than that, can I? But then, there IS more than that! :) I wonder if I'll ever be able to see the game. I like Cave's style.

comment posted by Parn on 23 January

comment #12

Shinji Hosoe is the king of ELECTRONICSSS!

comment posted by Freezard on 23 January

comment #13

Is there something wrong with the tracker? I know I (and what looks like a ton of peers) are all stuck at like 29.5/29.6%

comment posted by Sir VG on 23 January

comment #14

Sir VG, just redownload the torrent and resume from that, it should work then.

Man all of S.S.H.'s music sound exactly the same, I'm getting tired of this guy. Awesome stuff for the rest though, especially Mr. Iwata. Thanks a lot, guys!

comment posted by Spoink on 23 January

comment #15

Ok, it works now. Thanks for the tip, Spoink.

comment posted by Sir VG on 23 January

comment #16

Love the Indian strings on the first half.

Thanks for sharing this shmup rhythmic compilation #gamemp3 crew.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 30 January

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