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A Whopper of brand new albums!

If you thought the archive torrents were enough trouble for your HDs and DVDs, WELL, we have brand-spanking new VGM releases to deal with now:

Battle Gear 4 + Battle Gear 4 Tuned Original Soundtrack
Jeanne d'Arc Original Soundtrack
Seiken Densetsu 4 Original Soundtrack -Sanctuary-
Wild Arms the Vth Vanguard Original Score Vol. 1

How's that for blockbuster, that's almost 1 GB of good the good stuff. I can say alot about these albums, but I'm tired, so I won't. I will say this though, the 4th disc of "SD4" has Kikuta, Shimomura and Ito arranges, woo!

posted by Godai on 25 January


comment #1

thanks Godai

comment posted by Kiraa on 25 January

comment #2

Fantastic release Godai! I've been wanting to hear all of these for some time now. Thanks!

comment posted by JumboMaverick on 25 January

comment #3

Worp3music, It's Michiko Naruke, and I don't know why, but Kouda and Agematsu have some awesome tunes on here, so you should listen.

comment posted by Godai on 25 January

comment #4

Hope that Jeanne d' Arc OST is a good album. Thanks a lot!

comment posted by LsL on 25 January

comment #5

Good to see that Kikuta's finally doing something for the Mana series again, even if it is just arrangement. He definitely needs to make a comeback... His own album is excellent, though.

comment posted by Moogy on 25 January

comment #6

Wowwww!! Many music to get. Fantastic releases and re-releases Godai and company.
I´m the most happier person in the world if my HDD 300Gigas don´t crash yesterday.I need it to download and share all this material. :_(
Windows... is public enemy at this moment.

comment posted by Xenogear on 25 January

comment #7

Why did not Machiko Naruke composed the Wild Arms OST????
Is she still ill?
Anybody knows why??

comment posted by Worp3music on 25 January

comment #8

Nice one guys ^^
Will be getting this at the weekend
Thanks a lot

comment posted by RyuFAN on 25 January

comment #9

Splash hop!

comment posted by jeriaska on 25 January

comment #10

Seiken Densetsu 4 Original Soundtrack.....oh my god! OH MY GOD. THANK YOU.

comment posted by Anon on 25 January

comment #11

Agematsu is the star of WA5.

comment posted by Godai on 26 January

comment #12

Seiken Densetsu 4 Original Soundtrack very very VERY GOOd godaî, this OST is beautiful

comment posted by id.CLAD on 25 January

comment #13

This made my month........THANK YOU.

comment posted by Thanatos on 25 January

comment #14

This new 500GB HDD came just in time for these recent releases. Awesome work guys, thanks a lot.

comment posted by Man_s on 25 January

comment #15

Hell yes, Wild Arms music, seems like it's been ages since a new game came out.

I share Msia's regret of no Naruke present, and I did *not* think that Kouda (or whatever his/her name is) made up for the lack of Naruke on WA4. The only person on that album that I liked as much as Naruke was Ryuta Suzuki, and I'm disappointed that not either of those two are mentioned here.

Regardless, Kouda wasn't bad by any stretch, just overshadowed by Naruke, so I still have high hopes for this album.

Bitching aside, the release is appreciated.

comment posted by Antignition on 26 January

comment #16

I never heard the WA4 soundtrack other than the few tracks in BSC '06, but so far I'm totally digging WA5. I agree that Agematsu's tracks are great.

comment posted by Toma on 26 January

comment #17

Thanks for these albums

Is there any possibility to find donkey kong music
You propably know how awesome it is
I would be great

comment posted by Jedi on 26 January

comment #18

awesome albums. You guys rule yet again. /worship

comment posted by Sirusjr on 26 January

comment #19

I was expecting the usual Square orchestral drivel with SD4, but MAN...

What the hell is up with this Masayoshi Soken and the awesome pseudorock?

comment posted by Judge on 26 January

comment #20

On a side note, Noriyasu Agematsu is part of the same team (feelsounds, now Elements Garden/Ariamusic) that made the music for Sexfriend | Codepink, another #gamemp3s release. However, he wasn't involved in the composition, it was Hitoshi Fujima, I think.

comment posted by Teioh on 27 January

comment #21

Cool info, Teioh.

comment posted by Godai on 28 January

comment #22

The real star of WA5's soundtrack is Masato Kouda. Why? Falling Into the Shadow of Locus Solus.

comment posted by Desides on 27 January

comment #23

Agematsu pwns. I liked Kouda in WA4, but ... Agematsu just totally nailed it with WA5

comment posted by Bryce on 06 February

comment #24

Apparently, the link is dead!

comment posted by Julien on 14 February

comment #25

Can someone please reseed this torrent for a few days? Thank you.

comment posted by Teioh on 14 August

comment #26

please reseed

comment posted by GTO on 16 October

comment #27

As you see, in "my name" im keldric from SD4, that`s my favourite RPG with chaos legion and ghost rider on PS2, OMG i love this game!!!!
and i was so depresive when ritzia dead in hands of keldric (not medusa), i want the OST!! i want it i want it i want it!! but the link doesn`t work, please re-send it THX!

comment posted by Keldric/Stroud on 08 February

comment #28

can someone seed these? Thanks

comment posted by gurbinder on 29 September

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